Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Say cheese

OceanSide, Ca

On Thursday I took to the road in my sisters car and headed for California for the weekend!
My Grandpa {J.P. Buckley} turned a feisty 90 years old.
To celebrate the occasion cousins, aunts, uncles, and great grand children gathered from all around the state and country.

Uncle Phil, Trish, My momma, Mary, Maggie, Grandpa, Pauline, Tom and Ann
Missing from the photo is my Uncle Jim who passed away and my Uncle Dan who couldn't make it.

Since my sister and I arrived a tad early we lounged at the beach as much as possible the first two days. it was glorious!

Apparently there was some earthquake near New Zealand again {boooo} and the waves were just reaching our coast line.. the waves were giant! Powerful, and beautiful.

Although... in these picture they look pretty tame :)

The Birthday Man and one of my many beautiful cousins, Eilee.

Our Happy Birthday message to our nephew Forrest who turned four on the same day, and couldn't make it down :/

My sister and I watching our Grandpa read our card.
{He posed us! Ha I love it!!}

(my favorite shot from the beach that day)

My favorite shot of my sister Mgrace {left} and I {right} on a walk...

Their hill top home in San Marcos, Ca is literally my favorite place to be in this world.
The breeze is cool and flows through the white linen curtains tied back with soft ribbon and into the house. My grandpa plays big band music while we all choose our cocktail {at 3pm!} and settle in around the house to catch up with each other. It is so peaceful, and sweet with small flower blooms and friendly bees that buzz about doing their work. Walks around the block to stretch your legs and work down the latest snack we have all just attacked and devoured!

no make up = far away shots
Trips to the beach are easy and nice since OceanSide is about ten minutes away.
The pier was swaying that day from the waves!
I look a smidgen snob ish in the photo but I assure you its just the sun in my eyes!

Big. Pretty. Waves.

Dolphins were playing under the pier the second day!
{obvs couldn't get the best shot}

I received sweet texts from Diamond Backs while I was away, and a Happy Birthday wish for my Grandpa too! I received one very odd and random text from Shark late one night.. haven't heard a peep since.. hmmm?

That's it for now, I'll be back {OH! I'll Be back!} with more posts, updates, and fun! And perhaps a giveaway!!!




  1. How gorgeous-what a perfect weekend, darling! I must say, you look quite in your element at the beach!