Monday, August 1, 2011


Ladies.. there is a new gent around town. And by town I mean the sofa in which I was dwelling. And by dwelling I mean making out on :) We'll call him a "shark" since a large amount of time was dedicated to Shark Week last night..

Awww Shark Week. I love sharks! Who knew? But I do.
I love them, and I want to protect them, and I would also like to see them jump up out of the water..
It's beautiful.
They are such fascinating animals right!? ugh.

Love mirror shots like these

So Sharkie and I have been on two dates... three if you count the shark week extravaganza. Which I do because it involved a show, snacks, drinks, and a ton of laughter. Also. He is gorgeous. The fact that he is surprisingly a total sweetheart is a pleasant bonus.

My new mission is a high waisted skirt with fun blouses for Fall...ideas?

Ok so change of topic!

Last night was one of the prettiest storms I've been in for awhile. It was the kind of storm where you can smell it before it even hits. The kind where the wind is so strong you can see the clouds move and shape shift. You can see the areas of town getting the rain, and when it is your turn to have the shower it comes down steady, and sizable leaving giant puddles and a mist in the air after it moves on.
I love and will miss the monsoons here in Arizona so very much. It is one of the many reasons I moved back here in the first place. It is still so hot I want to die the first ten minutes outside. But only in Arizona in the months of July-September can you get a sun burn (yes I did on my face and shoulders) and a flood in the same day.

mmmm wild flowers!

This weekend I had the loveliest time spending money I didn't expect to have :)
I know I am supposed to be saving and paying off bills and making payments. And I am! I am hard core savings. But I was gifted some moola and spent on on big kid items.. like make up!

I was on Lou Lous blog the other day and went to her make up link. It made me realize two things:
1. I use the cheapest of all cheap make up.. ever
2. I want some 'a that!

The first item I bought was Two Faced, Shadow Insurance
because if there is anything I hate it is reapplying eye make up all day/night
After use: Works like a dang CHARM! Worth every penny

The second item is Make Up Forever Conceler
Because if there is anything I hate more then to reapply, its the giant dark bags under my eyes.. they frighten small children people..

After use: works pretty well. not sure I'd pay the thirty bucks again for it.. but it still gets the job done. I just have some toughie dark circles!

Then I traveled over to CVS, the nice Sephora lady told me the powder I was about to buy was so similar to the Mayballine Mineral Powder and cheaper! Thanks lady!
After use: I think I'd like to find this same thing, but with a little shimmer

I ventured through the ever tempting Forever Twenty One and bought a really ugly {but ugly cute} burnt orange button blouse... see I told you, "Ugly Pretty" which I couldn't find online to show you,
 and the Hot cocoa Nail polish!
After use: I love this color! It looks so good on! Takes a good two coats but takes DAYS to dry

I also bought these amazing shorts from a little boutique here in town. They were so amazing and fabulous I bought two pairs! One in a camel and the other in a red/orange color. Ugh I LOVE them!
I wore the red shorts out with soft linen white button up and some tan heels for date #2 this weekend
where I was down right schooled in some bar game.. ok fine make that two bar games. So what I'm a poor looser. Whatever.
It was fun though.
I kinda want to count these as two dates since they last from 8pm-2am ...
On Friday night I also went to go get a massage which I haven't had in a very very long time. and BOY oh BOY did I need one! My neck is a giant ball of mess right now. yuck.

So that's how I spent my moola ;)
All that plus gas, and snacks at Harry Potter this weekend.
 {OH! How I love the HP. Don't judge you judgie bear. That movie is epic. and special. and glorious..}


Enjoy this:

I saw this picture here in a series of above/under water and I fell in love with this shot!


  1. What a wonderful weekend! I want to hear more about Sharkie!

  2. You are a very smitten kitten.. I wish I would have seen your shorts, that should be my goal to shred it, buy something cute for our road trip.. no shark watching in San Diego little lady, that's a strick order! Ha ha