Monday, April 25, 2011

wedding weekend

As promised here are some pictures from my gorgeous friend Lisas wedding!

My Rrehearsal Dinner Dress
The dinner was at this great little Italian place. Lisas family and her fiance Richards family hadn't really met before so she had everyone get together for this dinner to mingle and get to know one another. Kids ran around and became fast friends, and I became fast friends with the canolies and bartender.. mmm.

My new dinner ring!
 Isn't it so pretty!! I really like it because it looks glittery, but up close its really just a lot of grooves in metal so its kinda manly up close lol

This colorful breakfast ended up being the only thing I ate the day of the wedding at 8 am.. I do not reccomend this.. especially if you end up with champagine AND your drink of choice in both hands during most of the night

My inspiration for hair and make up

Me and my Lou a few minutes before her big entrance
I almost face planted and made her crack up laughing.. count on me to almost fall and break the tension in the room lol

Ok I know she is my friend.. but isn't she the most beautiful bride EVER!
I could not stop gazing at her the entire day.. she was so happy and beaming.

My Faith Hill Perfume

My earings

The center pieces

Ek! My "Before" shot

A horrid picture of a picture, but only shot of just us three bridesmaids

Underwood putting on her twin sisters pretty shoes for the day

So I kinda had to put the photographer in his place.
Jeff.. or Joe.. or who ever the guy is becuase he literaly said to me:
"Bridgette I am going to punch you if you don't smile!"
Said to me right before this shot where he told me I had to "smush in" the shot becuase the sun was directly IN my eyes the entire time..

The beautiful couple!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. What an absolutely gorgeous wedding-you all look stunning!