Thursday, July 28, 2011

Aint No Secret

Alrighty then...

This week I not only spent every day eating gobs of yummy food and taking naps while I caught up with my brother who was in town.. but I also learned that I'd be pushing my move back to November.
I know. I KNOW. A collective sigh is a must right about now huh.
In short there is a lease, and squatting roommates who like to cry wolf and land parts in Rocky Horror {which run at Halloween each year}
We are "silver lining" this bad boy and thinking of the positive such as:
I will have one more month extra to save and spend time with friends!
This extra month wont go towards my budget however...

Instead it will go to helping me stay WARM!!

Brrrrr people.
To move from AZ to NYC is already going to take some adjusting.
 AZ in November is 70 
NY in November is 50
ahhhhh. I can feel my jaw chatter as I type this.
{Bonus November fun fact in NYC? Chocolate Show!}

Soooooo. I have collected a few items across the web that have the look, and warmth I'll be looking forward to buying in November to stay warm in my new city of awesomeness..and cold.
Ok so this one isn't warm.. but under all those layers I'll need to have something adorable to show off once I'm inside next to a cozy fire place right?

ugh and then the shoes.. the SHOES!

K I'm kinda in love with these boots!

so pretty!

So warm!

So on the go!

Soooo what I've wanted the past few years!

These are from Barneys NY. So cute right?  


Anthro of course. Wouldn't this just be adorable with high boots a messy bun and a trench?

I'll be straight up copying this all of the time peeps!
Skinny jeans: Check!
Skinny belt: Check!
Large scarf: Check! Check!
Unwashed hair: Double Check!
{what? who wants to take a cold shower in 50 and below? Not it!}

Ok I am really looking forward to this one. Can't you see a million outfits with this? me too!

There is one in a yellow color.. but I think I like this color better.. so pretty and bright and happy for those dark and gloomy days out, also anthro

Urban Outfitters has my thoughts exactly!
Hello era of high Socks/Stockings and High heels!

Thoughts on how to stay warm peeps? I know it is so hot out it can be difficult to imagine. But if you CAN imagine..?.. Please do help. I need to stay w.a.r.m this winter! I am a newbie to snow, and ice.. SOS


  1. LOVE the blue and white polka dot umbrella from Barneys!! So cute!

  2. so exciting about your big move! WOW. nyc is my fave city in the world. that hooded scarf is perfect.

  3. You've got me so excited for fall, and I'm sure you've over the moon about your move, even if it is delayed a bit-New York will still be there waiting!