Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Hour Every Hour

Tonight I am going to meet some old guy friends of mine for some good old fashion Happy Hour!
Secrets shall be shared of the crazy weeks past over a cocktail...
 {ok, technically it will be a beer. I'm a beer girl}

But my biggest secret.. the one I will not be telling any of the dudes...
The secret I can't get out of my mind?

No. I have not read the books. Yes. I plan to.
Movie extravaganza begins tonight! HIZAH!

I went online to Ethan Allen and they tell me {and because I believe any quiz I take to be true {yes. including cosmo} I am a mix of Classic and Romantic style. I think that the picture below includes both. Don't you?

How nice to wake up from a Harry Potter Watchathon on such cozy pillows, how nice to crack open the first book to read with the sun light filtering in from this window, and how fresh the room would smell with the giant arrangement of flowers... 

Also, in recent past it has been shouted at me {read ass hat roommate} that I am a cat abuser...
This is the most redonkulous thing I have been called in my 24 {almost 25 years September!} of Life...
Re...Donk people
{see} {see} {see}

It makes my soul hurt thinking that someone will pet my cat in the wrong way, not address her like a real human in conversation, or not bend down and kiss her tiny little noggin when she gives you the "Hey, kiss my tiny adorable noggin" look.

LOL ok is that not the cutest little cat face you have ever seen??

Here is on of my Mamba darling to compare... I know.. ADORABLE!

Alllllllllllllllllllllllrighty then!

I am going to trot off now-- "Trot! Trot trot" --{S&theC}
Happy Hour then Blockbuster for a HP night..
{apologies to the roommies {except the *@! one} for all the shouting that is sure to come from my room tonight}
Then its reading time Saturday. Laundry Time. Return books and check out new one time. And get dressed up and head out on the town time.
Sunday bring more movie watching time. More sister time. And much, much more cat cuddle Grey's Anatomy watching time.. of course!

What are your plans?



  1. *goes immediately to Ethan Allen website*

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