Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shout Out Post

OK all since I have been comment blocked my blogger {you bastard} I decided to stop and say a few words to some of the blogs I read on the daily.
I am getting ready for my trip to Cali for my friends wedding this weekend so I'll be posting from Nor Cal these next few days and weeks. Yep I'm gone gone from Friday {stroke of 5pm I'm gone!} to June 22nd! Yahoo right! Lots of driving
{I KNOW I'M DRIVING why in blazes did I do that??}
 OH yeah, I am selling my car soon and I want to soak in the beaches of southern Cali, and take one last long road trip.. ahhhhh yes.. that IS why!

Other things to note:

I made this cake from i am baker for a coworkers birthday this week. it is Chocolate Mint Cake and butter cream icing mmmm

awwww yes
 I wrote down movie times for "The Hang Over" (which I totes loved!) then fell asleep on my hand and went to the show with the times stamped onto my face.. twice.. lol talk about LOOKING hung over!!

This note had me very silently cracking up a few nights ago. We have a new roommate named... "Tom". I took a late night shower to find a note that read:
"If I left my under-roos in the restroom this morning Please forgive my irresponcibility. it wont happen again.  Tom"

LOL poor guy I never saw his "under-roos" chillin so he is cool with me. But to see that just a few days after my post on notes, I about died!
OH! Behold some picture from my adorable fun new NYC roommate we'll call him Toby.

Pretty large kitchen so I can continue to bake and cook my little heart away!
Agnes Jean Ann and I wanted to know if the apartment was more "Monica" or more "Joey"... Toby said Monica.. we're thinking a fancy Joey.. lol. but still so cute!
Hard wood floors
sky lights
original brown stone and brick work
crown molding

also I decided to color my hair while I made the cake and I decided to do this in the nude. I know. perhaps TMI.
but dude it was a really good idea very late at night. I did make some what of a cape from an old t shirt.. that counts right?? also i tried that new foam stuff.. it is not white. it is not easy. it is not drip free... trust me.. you don't want to see a picture of my legs lol.

Luckily there isn't a spot in the bathroom.. it was just me covered from head to toe.

I'll post some pictures of the new hair when I decided to actually style it and it looks nice enough.. till then know my roots {silver} are a med brown red color. the ends are darker.. almost purple dark.. huh?

But I digress:
Here are just 14 of the blogs I read and my little two cents I haven't been able to give the past few weeks!

The first blog {I'm going alphabetically obvs} is a blog I recently found and LOVE.
A Cup of Jo she is so adorable and posts very interesting things.. especially about NYC. I love to read blogs about the city I am soon to be in! She is sweet and creative and has some of the most well dressed friends I have ever seen..

Next is the wonderful Audrey Onassis. “Dude, your course is amazeballs.” This is a direct quote from her today in her constant support, and humor that keeps me going. Her blog is so pretty. So clean {can blogs be clean? well if they can hers is!} and it is where I continue to get inspired to read more, and expand my mind, and taste.

Confessions of a 20 Something is my non stop "bump"  fest love affair with the Lou Lou.
Dear lou Lou~
You crack me up on the regular and help give me ideas on how to improve on my girliness. I can't see a blinged out glass, or perfect hair poofs without thinking of you! How do you do it!

Continuing Courteney is a new blog for me. I found her through another and I am so happy I did.  She finds wonderful sayings and quotes and sorta builds a post around them with a beautiful picture to accompany it all. She is super cute and very wise.. tune in!

But what is inspirational reading and viewing without stopping at CREATE.  I love this girls work. So beautiful and some just the right amount haunting. I am so happy for her when I read that she has been featured in something new, and she continues to be asked to be apart of new projects! plus she is in the city BONUS! I think some of my fancy Joey walls might need one or two of her prints!

I wish I could paint.. I also wish I could dance. I relive all my dance fantasies through Dancing Branflakes blog. Adorable, sweet and always including great artists, authors and ideas on her blog. I love reading what is going through this girls mind, and imagining myself at her Friday dinner posts :)

Honest is the best policy and I am loving the spin E TELLS TALES gives on her day to day. Recent momma and wonderful story teller I usually set aside her posts like a treat I want to save and make sure it lasts. I love reading them each day and am so bummed this is defiantly one I haven't been able to comment on. CONGRATS!!!

i am baker as previously mentioned is an on going love affair that I have with a blog about wonderful baked goods! She is soooo amazing! Every time I make something from her posts it is a big hit! I am constantly referring people to her blog to check it out for them selves. And whats best? She gives all her recipes and tutorials on how to create the look and taste. Thank you baker!!

Jenni Austria Germany is just too funny. I am not sure what I look forward to most, the convos she posts or the stories she tells of her travels between semi fav or FAV countries! I can count on her posts for a laugh and a few "mmmhmmm been there" nods from me. LOVE it! Also she recently cut her nags with an army knife.. tell me this is not ba. as a tried and failed DIY hair goof I say good day!

After all is said and done, sometimes you just want a nice drink at the end of the day.. you know? la petite coquin has wonderful, joyful, and down right magical posts about new drink mixes, wedding posts, and quirky wonderful ideas. I have so enjoyed taking a few minutes to take in the fresh air her posts are each day. She is so sweet and I have MAJOR bang and hair envy of this woman, stop in you ll be glad you did.

speaking of sweet hearts, My Heart Shaped Life. This is very much a person blog where I have enjoyed getting to know the ins and outs of her goings on.  She is so sweet, and so supportive! I LOVE her recent posts on hair and nail ideas (hmmm I must pretty challenged in the hair dept lol so much hair love wow!)

not your average ordinary. ok this girl... this girl you guys is like a mind reader. Either it is something that is plaguing my mind and I find a delightful poem or quote about it on her blog, or it is something I needed to hear and didn't even know I needed to hear it until BOOM I'm faced with it. I am excited for a brunch date set for.. whenever, lol and enjoy following her links to new online stores, songs, books ect ect.

Polka Dots, Pearls, and Pink...OH MY! is another blog that hands down is sooo funny! Jessica cracks me up on the regular. It doesn't even really matter what the topic is, its just the way she says it all.  I mean really now how many comments can you start with "LOL..." I'm sure that is why blogger cut me off.. "This girl has nothing to really comment its all just lols.. lets cut her off and teacher her a lesson.." well played blogger.. THIS time!
 k sorry-   She has a very cute shop linked too that I have yet to purchase something from, but that doesn't mean I don't have my eye on a few things! For many i have hair envy.. for her I have major romper wear ability envy.. {yes.. it is a thing} i try and I try but I swear I am not pulling it off, but dang it if she isn't adorable in them! BLAST!

It doesn't happen every day.. not even every week. but when new posts show up on the chirpy birds blog I hop to it! A mix between a cooking, and story telling blog I love to see her awesome creations and read her all too true, heart warming, or hilarious posts about life. I have turned several people onto her blog and they all love it too. What can I say she convinced me to try Nuetella.. and now I'll never go back!

And so I leave you with this: a heinous picture of my self when I was maybe one years old. My sister sent this to me the other day and I died laughing. My mom tells me I was the happiest baby. From all the photos I believe it because I am cracking up laughing in every picture when I was a baby and small child... oh man.. enjoy that.

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