Thursday, July 14, 2011

Imagination Time

At Last!
Imagin if you will, a jazzy neighborhood in Harlem.
Where old men still sit out side on their folding chairs and chatter about the people passing by.

 A block where brown stones and large green trees line the quiet New York streets.
And as the sun sets, the music gets louder from each dark doorway,and every neon lit club.

 A brown stone with a fire escape and open shutters on the top floor...
...follow the sounds up from the heat off the streets....and up through the branches and leaves ...
 into the open window to find a large powder pink closet... that happens to have two small beds....

This is my room. Our room. My sisters and mine.
A room not much bigger then the one I live in now, with funky accents like hardwood floors and crown molding...
We plan to paint the walls a powder pink color and keep the molding on the walls white

As you enter the room, a shoe rack will be against the wall on your right. Stacked with heels, sandals, hats, and bags all shapes, size, colors and brands
{probably some cheap brands for a while too!}

Along the same right wall is our hilariously small closet that houses all bulk seasonal items like spare blankets, coats, formal dresses, and picture boxes we have traveled with and had since we were children
The area in front of the closet will be sectioned off  with one or two wardrobe racks full of winter sweaters, summer mini skirts, and flashy dresses warn out on the town!

In the corner of this sectioned off "Getting Fabulous" area is a double vanity set. Stacked with perfume bottles, crystal jewelry boxes, shimmering earring trees, and champagne glasses full of makeup brushes...
The vanity itself will essentially be two wooded vanities, with two giant, and multi bulb light mirrors for acquiring optimal fabulousness, and the ability to hide the curing/straightening/wave creating irons that linger atop the vanity

In front of the sister vanity sits two chairs that are plush  and vintage like this one below.... except less furiously red, and more teal, white, or dark grey in color....

On the other side of this area {to your left as you enter the room} sits a giant chair for reading, running lines, and for guests to sit and keep us company while we get ready....
                                                        {aka new roommate mr. adorable}

On the far left wall {that faces this grand chair}, is a window with white shutters and an exit out onto the fire escape/garden area.
 On either side of the window lays two small blow up beds on wooden platforms
 {painted (white) I'm sure}

Colorful headboards are fashioned above the beds in different shapes, colors and textures...
I got these two bedroom pics off of Jessicas blog over at Poka Dots, Pearls, and Pink OH My!

Beds are made up and left in a tousled mess on hurried mornings. Full with pillows, and slung back crisp grey sheets in paisley print. Striped duvet blankets lay still below purposefully picked photos hanging in mixed matched thick frames on the walls.

I can not wait for this room to come together! Of course these items are all a little pricey for what we will be showing in our piggy banks, but this is the general idea of how we will be styling the new digs.  

Welcome home!


mini update in my current favorites:

phrase: "awww nuts!"
food: Yogurt and blackberries
show: Grey's Anatomy
hair style: messy bun
clothes: pajamas, and if no one is looking then good 'ol under-roos and baggy t-shirt
movies: City Island
music: old Mariah Carey, and Billy Holiday
seen: hiding in my room...
calling: my sisters
flirting: with everybody
reading: blogs blogs and more blogs {see}
shopping: nada. Unless I've ran out of yogurt..and its midnight..and in Walmart. shame
working: same ol same old
whispering: about my nuts-o- roommate {see}
cleaning: everything in sight!


  1. What a perfect post! When do I move in?

  2. What stunning inspiration-your bedroom is going to be incredible!

  3. Great job setting the scene and amazing images. Sounds like you are going to have a lovely home. xo style, she wrote