Monday, July 18, 2011

Had Me At Hello... Hello

Mmmmm k. Lets talk about B. Nooo not me, THE B. Beyonce! Lets talk about how much I freaking LOVE her. Like.. IN love, LOVE her! She is the Carrie Underwood to my Pink Lou Lou.  The woman is amazing people.

First stop on the Beyonce love train:
Beauty and  Boodylicousness. Class and Sass. She Woman and Real Woman.

Second Stop on the B Love Train: Her adorable hubs Jay Z. Who I also love {Neeewww Yoooorrrkkkkk!! anyone? no? Fine be that way/ moving one} The two keep their relationship very private which I both hate and love
Hate: because I want to know allll about them. Love her. Love him. I  want to know what they eat for breakfast.. is that sooo much to ask?                          Apparently so.
Love: because they hold their relationship very close and because of that they are able to have as much of a "normal" marriage and time together as possible without gossip.


ummmmm Jay Z.. your ring is bigger then hers?


Third Stop is the many many woman she encompasses. She is this she woman of awesome ferociouness, with all the vulnerability that reminds me to also not be such a shy bunny when it comes to letting people in.. and not be afraid to throw them out on their keister {sp? read ass} when they are messing around... her fashion choices and rockin creative side pretty much just bursts out of her at all times.


Last stop on the love train is the entertainer in her. She is so dynamic, creative, interesting, intense, inspirational, and yeah.. just really good at what she does. You can see how much she loves it. how hard she works to perfect it, and how much she absolutely loves her fans, and how much they love her back {not like I do of course. No one loves her Like I love her.. keep that in mind ya'll}


I know right.. I mean RIGHT! I love this picture.. i love the sparkles her little smile because she knows she is bad ass.. her heels.. I mean really IN HEELS!
my new favorite song of hers is called "Hello". It isn't new new.. but it is new to me. so there. you should go listen. hurry. trott. trott trott. go have a nice little listen. I feel like your not going? .. ooooor maybe not going fast enough? I know these pictures and my blog is oh so coolio. But for reals go!
Ok I'll stop now.

Ok, but all I am going to say is.. B+B=sooo much to talk about!

*sigh*  ahhhh Beyonce. you are your giant dancing legs give me hope :)