Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Don't Hate

Last night, yet again, a racist comment was uttered by Tim {the ass hat with whom I unfortunately live with}

I know that hate is a dark and ugly feeling to have. It is horrid. I hate, hate. .. But is that allowed?

haha i thought this was funny...

They say

So if he is being who he is, then is it better that I just don't like him at all? Like... at all,  AT ALL? Whats the other option? For him to hide who he is in the place he lives? That would stink... even though who he is is eck.

I am trying really very hard to not say that I hate him because well... then I'd too be hate full. And I really don't want that.

(Coretta Scott king)

So.. the question is.. how to ward off this mad hate for the hater, and stay happy..

I am SO glad you asked!

ugh me too cartoon man. me.too.

I'm taking a cue from the King B {by the way how BA is it that she is King B and not Queen B? I know right. SOOO BA!}

I am going to rise above it, and not let it sit and squat inside me like a toad {Practical Magic anyone?} and instead, I'll strive to float on a cloud of grace and class, and listen to "Hello" non stop on my iPhone, tune out the bad, and just hit that replay button over and over and over and over and over and over... and a healthy dose of Barbara to see me through.. I mean really.. who better to model myself after when being the picture of a lovely {yet totally fierce} woman?


  1. While you wouldn't want to have to hide you are in your home, it's painful when your home feels invaded by another person and their ugly behavior. Here's to moving out soon-and making an effort to be indifferent to this fool.

    Maybe sympathy? That always helps me when I'm filled with hate-trying to understand the ways in which I am blessed and the struggle that someone else is going through that makes them act that way.

    That, and ice cream.

  2. I'd say "killing someone with kindness does the trick" when you don't live with that person, when you live w/ them you ignore them or think of funny things in your head.. like ASS CLOWN! and laugh because it's a secret that only you know. Also.. you can think.. "what lesson in life is this person teaching me?" I know that your stronger and more "kick-ass" and "assertive" when faced with 'negative nancy's' so maybe it was just a reminder.. to "never doubt who you are and what you believe in" no matter how crazy someone is.