Thursday, October 6, 2011

Who needs Sleep?

Classic Duck face Shot.
Tub top - unsure
belt - had since 9th grade
jean shorts - American Eagle
tan knee high boots you cant see - you got me?

This past weekend it was friend Underwood's birthday! She looked STUNNING let me tell ya. My phone is being a butt and wont send the picture so I will have to post it later on.
We went to the country bar as mentioned. But after awhile we decided to instead head over to some friends of ours house for a party they were having.
It was a black light party. Everyone was to wear white t-shirts to mark on with high lighters to glow :)
Everyone was there that we used to hang out with, and some new faces in the crowd. I was able to make nice with Mr.X and have a good chat.
The night was a blast, and lucky for me there are no pictures to prove it!

At one point I was dancing on tables, the next I was boxing with one of the guys. When someone near by asked, "man how much did this girl have to drink? This is fun". I heard a friend reply, "B Nuts? {yeah they call me b nuts.. classy huh} yeah she is totally sober" LOL which I was (dd and all for the birthday gal ;)

The night ended in the wee hours of the morning {6am wee} having a little heart to heart catching up with old flame Herman. He also tattooed my arm for me in cheetah print with the high lighter. I must say that I rather liked it! Liked it a lot actually..Oh NO! Kinda wanted to keep it lol.
{I didn't. I showered and it is gone now. But dang it if I don't miss it!}

Earlier that day was rather funny. My car battery died..which isn't actually all that funny I suppose. Stranded having called everyone I know to ask for cables, and asking for rides..I was left hangin'.
It was bummers ville.
 If I hadn't been waaaaaay too into Harry Potter that afternoon would have really stung.
Lucky for me two things happened!
One: I've been paying too much in rent recently {I'm the best roommate EVER} and so I got some cash back earlier that week
Two: a friends hubby came from work to jump start my car so I could make the drive to Auto Zone
{shout out to auto zone!boys}
YAY I had money to pay for a new battery, blinker light bulb and what not!

I asked the gent to watch me install it which I did.. all on my own. Suck it nah sayers!
I went home feeling oh so confident in my mad skills and went to change the bulb in my back blinker.
This however...was tricky. Trickier then it should have been.

I asked my non crazy male roommate to come and help. Soon the cutie neighbor boy came over to lend a hand. And when his roommate came home he brought beers and an extra set of eyes... next a friend of these boys drove up and pulled over to stop and help.
Which means YES. I had FOUR guys all trying to fix the bulb in the back. First the compartment wouldn't open. Then it wouldn't close. As my sister puts it, my car is now picking fights with me so I'll break up with it, since it cant bring itself to break up with me. lovely.
Finally, and rather sadly they started to give up and go back inside. Except the neighbor boy (who finally let ME see what was going on. And ladies.. I kid you not, there was a FAT wire in the way. I moved it and PRESTO! It closed.
 Head hung in man shame, he says to me, "I'm going to do two things right now. One, I'm going to clean up this mess we made. And two I'm going to ask for your number, because I want to take you to dinner"


Ladies if you don't believe Beyonce when she says it, believe me
We Run This Motha'!


  1. Phew-what a weekend! And you, lady, are a total badass.

  2. Wow, sounds like you had a rather interesting weekend. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts.