Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Dating life Update:

So this Saturday I broke things off with the Diamond Back. He was so nervous about everything.. the "your my friends little sister" factor that I thought we had both gotten over already, the fact that he liked me and I was moving, yet somehow at the same time he felt he was distancing himself too much..? I decided that HOLY COW. He was just all over the place, and to be perfectly honest it just got a little annoying. So I ended it the same way I take off band aids, quick.

I think its for the best really and I feel really good about it.

That night I went out and had a blastI went out with some guy friends of mine and headed to The Tavern in Tempe. ASU had just won their game (woot woot!) and the downtown area was PACKED with people in the game time attire... except for me.. as I was clueless to the game that night (oops!)

My hand always looks weird in these shots.. am I the only one that feels that way?? lol

 I danced, I met new people, I caught up with old friends, even an ex boyfriend of mine {we'll call him Herman} who I hadn't seen in years! It was so good seeing Herman again and we were super friendly the entire night. It was really nice to be able to hang out as friends again.

 Anyways (get to the point right?!) I met the cutest guy waiting in line at the bar. We shall call him SacTown {where he hails from} and he asked for my number, to which I obliged ;) He texted me the next day and called me last night... Unfortunately for him I was having the best conversations with my sister MGrace who was filling me in on one of HER fab-U-lous nights in Hollywood at Melanie Griffiths' and Antonio Banderess' house. Yeah.. my sister had a fun night. So it's just phone tag now, but it's still something new to smile at when I glance down at my phone!

Yesterday I headed to the Library and checked out "Dickinson" a Pocket Book of Poems. I have made a goal to read at least five each night, and to give each line and word considerable thought, and let my mind wander with it's imagination.

I've taken to reading them outside, on long walks, or on breaks at work.. yes I'm bringing this little pocket of poems with me everywhere!

Today is lovely outside... just lovely. It demands a picnic. Crisp blankets, a warm sun, and cool breezes in the shade. I day dream of how or when and where she must have written the poems I am reading, and like to picture her stream side, in a heavy dress, hair up, and hands slightly dirty from ink and the ground around her...

Today I am head over heels for:

The Martyr Poets -- did not tell --

But wrought their Pang in syllable --

That when their mortal name be numb --

Their mortal fate -- encourage Some --

The Martyr Painters -- never spoke --

Bequeathing -- rather -- to their Work --

That when their conscious fingers cease --

Some seek in Art -- the Art of Peace --

Good advice no?

Speaking of which I still need to start packing.. and start in on my Halloween Costume... bird hands anyone?

and so I leave you with one final image...

Panda Jazz Hands
. . .. . .


  1. bahaha!! those panda jazz hands are hi-larious. love it :)

    sorry about the breakup...but I'm glad you feel good about it. And you're so right, if you know it's not meant to be the band-aid method (quick!) is the way to go. And your night out sounds like you had a great time! and you looked fab <3

  2. regardless of the breakup, it sounds like you had an awesome night anyways! love those panda jazz hands haha
    xo dana

  3. I'm glad you cut the cord with DiamondBack-it's not really the right time, and he seems like he's working through a lot of stuff you don't have to wait around for. Horray for a wonderful weekend, and meeting someone who makes you smile!

  4. even though everyone was dressed for game time, you sure did look hot! :) that guy im sure is very happy you gave him the light of day at all!

    sharde @ the style projects

  5. Hahahahah! Panda Jazz Hands made me laugh so hard!

    Well, I'm glad you feel good about breaking things off. That makes me happy you feel okay about it.

    And SacTown? So, he's from my city, huh? I wonder what his name is... I might know him!

  6. im so envious of your figure! great out for the night outfit post breakup :)
    love the idea of pocket book of poems xox

  7. Love this post!!

    I think it is best as said to go with your heart and not drag things out, it seems to have worked out already for you :)

    You look absolutely wonderful, and yes I always feel like my hands look weird in photographs, lol, but to me yours look fine..

    I also absolutely think it is such a wonderful idea on reading those poems, you have inspired me greatly to do the same, thank you sweetheart!!


  8. I think you're a really talented blogger your blog is so pretty and every single post I've seen is so beautifully done.
    (& I would love you to check my blog dear :))


  9. You are so pretty!!

    I love your blog :) Ha, and panda jazz hands. That's hilarious! xo.

  10. beautiful! <3