Monday, October 17, 2011

Curb Check

The "Everything I Own Sale"
Wasn't a big success the first day... but on Sunday I sold almost everything you see here.
Sunday was a riot with my sister Amanda who called out to passer bys, acted as a secret shopper, and continued to refold clothes, stock the shelves and change displays LOL I Love her!

The hectic weekend was complete with the rescue of a tortoise named Turbo. Early Saturday morning I took the dogs out (was house sitting again for a coworker) and  her adorable poodle Daisy kept looking into the pool... I thought oh no she wants to swim at 5am. NOT going to happen lol. After calling her away from the edge three times I noticed something large, and dark in the pool. I crept over with my phone to light the way {bless you iPhone} and realized it was the giant tortoise!! I texted the owner right away but got no response. I called a friend who has small pond turtles but she wasn't sure.. finally she called me back a little shaken and told me that he is NOT to be in the pool and he has NEVER done this before.
{sad side story: her older loveable pup was going blind and was found in the pool a few months back :/ so this was not a happy call for her}
I jumped into the pool, pj bottoms and all, and hoisted the slippery guy out. The water was freezing and I just hope he wasn't in there long. Thankfully I was up early!

He is doing just fine :)

I am still flirty texting with the adorable nice arms Sactown.

I am slo in search of a good cheap costume. I think Im going to go
Black mini
Black witch hat
Black boots.

old school witch lol. and also {cheap!}

That's about it for me ladies. Just packing packing and more packing.. oh and at least 30 bites that i counted from this weekend from my friendly neighborhood mosquito :(

I'm sure you're all up to much more interesting things, do tell what's new?


  1. Horray for such a successful sale-that's fantastic! And I'm glad the tortoise was saved!

  2. way to save the tortoise!
    I was so devastated last year when I had a garage sale- I was anticipating making millions, I think I made $140. ha!