Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Once Upon an Anthropologie dream...

Anthro emailed me this morning {good morning!} guess what? They have NEW STUFFF! Lots and Lost of Pretty Pretty Stuff!
And since technically I still have 4 minutes to sleep until I had to RUN slowly saunter out of the door... I fell back onto my bed floor and dreamt a sweet dream where I had thinner legs, and a fat macdaddy bank account to burn up on rich sofas, textured throws, and floral plates :)

And so.. I give you.. my mid-dream lusts:

I LOVE these bowls. Aren't they Adorable? Aren't you totally jealous of mid-dream me? Me too..
Also I'm a little on the out right nutty side when it comes to silverware :/ I need good and even weight distributed along the prong points and the handle.. I know.. it's ok. I know I;m out there.
I ADORE these plates. I want.. I pine.. I covet! I also really like these different shades of blue for glasses, tea cups and mugs to go along with it!

I also really love these linen napkins. I like the matchy-mismatchyness of it all :)

My bedroom inspiration...Pink, and Gold with neutral tones in ivory, and crystal..

Big Ol cozy chair with plush cozy rug under it  for chilly morning toes

I really like this sort of burnt orange/gold bedding here. I went back and forth on the little color toggle looking at the cream colors and even a deep blue. But I think this one wins out! LOVE the Huckleberry candle mmmm

I'd like..if possible {and in mid-dream land everything is} for my bed to hang and hover over the chilly chilly hard wood floor. Isn't that the most bombtastic thing EVER?
I love the girlie frilly vanity too..although I'd really love to have those show room lights around a large square mirror.
This light on the right reminded me at first as some kind of prison light used in an interrogation room equipped with a suspiciously wet dirty floor and cold hard single steel  chair. But then I made it PuRpLe and it went straight to being my fav new mood lighting!

Obvs my new sofa the curl up and stretch out on while I watch Meredith Grey and Christina be total bad asses. these curtains are so pretty and frilly but also heavy enough to block out the light when I need to recover from the night before :/
This blue throw.. how much do you love it? HOW MUCH!? man that would look SO good in my house, on me, covering up my chilly toes and nose.

Just the lamp shade to replace the nappie one currently on my Grandmothers lamp I received from her passing. LOVE the lamp. Hate the shade. Blugh. So I think this one is so cute to top it off :) Also as of 5:15 this am my bulb burnt out in said lamp {ONLY lamp in my room!} and I just sold my back up bulbs at my yard sale bahaha who knew?

I don't know what this book is about.. but I dig it. and so will my coffee table yo. The chair is to go with the vanity above, and this shelving system is what really sold me on all of this really. How amazballs is this thing! I don't even know how I'd get this home via the subway or cab... but I will carry that shiz all the way home and up the stairs on a dolly if I gots to!

of course these little guys here just bring more mmm and whaaaa? to the room. Just how I like it :)

Then my cat jumped onto my stomach knocking the air out of me and meowed a very loud, very clear "WAKE UP AND FEED ME.. FEEEED ME!!"
So naturally I rolled over and did sort of a tuck and roll move to make her cuddle with me for just one more min. she loved it.


  1. The cutlery and the napkins are on my list too! :)

  2. I'm swooning! Those glasses are amazing, but the idea of a swinging bed is enough to knock me right off my feet!

  3. ooh i love the mint greens and baby blues..pastel porcelain bowls are adorable!

    i recognize that pink room...betsey johnson yes? she's amazing