Thursday, October 27, 2011

{happy face}

This is Mamba.
My cat.
 And my love.
This is Mamba being pretty much no help at all this past weekend.
 But isn't she a peach?!
{NOT so peachy? Cat hair on my luggage :/}

 My sweet sweet bestie A sent me this picture {not sure where she got it} but she said that it reminded her of me in NY.. Aww.. sweetest thing ever right? I know. it is now my screen saver! You know it :)

I have had some amazing conversations with my momma lately. I love her soooo very much! She is wise, but she is HILARIOUS and we laugh until out faces hurt most days on the phone. I will miss being a drive away from her when I move next week.

..isn't she so beautiful! Always with a flower in her hair!

My momma at my bestie "StoBirds" wedding.
Seriously... who else literally kicks up their heels like my momma!

Words for thought..  
..and Ritz Bitz Cheese are apparently my food for thought as I have eaten so many of them I will soon become a Ritzbitz myself according to my mother if I do not stop eating them. Can't help it though. it is the perfect Emily Dickinson and Harry Potter reading breakfast lunch dinner snack!

I have two feelings on the topic I am about to sent a link to.
One: I don't want to ruffle feathers, and I don't want nasty grahams from peeps on here either. I especially don't want people to be offended.
Two: isn't my blog. Since when is this for anyone else? And besides if you feel the same, or maybe have never thought of things in this light before.. perhaps this will lead you to ask some questions..

It is along the same lines as the documentary I posted about "The Cover" awhile back.

For a while now {since before I became a vegetarian} I have felt that zoos and places like Sea World {***} are just not the best environments for these animals or creatures. I see the benefits to humans of these habitats and have enjoyed going myself as a child and young adult. But for the past several years now after hearing story after story of these animals attacking trainers, or children who are throwing objects at them {you ass hat child! and you ass hat parents!} they are the ones who are being further punished by being put down.
 I feel the article I read on Yahoo explained my feelings on it better from PETAs stand point regarding their lawsuit against SeaWorld.
Read it here, and tell me what you think!??

{***} I do not include habitates for endangered species where the goal is to rehabilitate the animal back into the wild, or protective parks that let the animals roam feeling and naturally in the grand acres and acres and acres of land.


  1. Oh my goodness, what a little minx! How IS packing coming? You must be so excited-I know I am for you!

    Also, I have to agree about zoos, etc-I know I loved to see the animals, but there's something so painful about caging animals for our enjoyment. Oh, people.

  2. Hello!! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog last week! (Or was it the week before?! My apologies, the days are just flying by :-)

    I love that photo of the girl in the snow... Did you know that New York had a huge snow storm on Saturday?

    Good luck for your move next week, I know it will all go smoothly for you, and I'll be thinking of you as you settle in!

    Poppy xox

  3. I completely agree about zoos, i prefer the safari wildlife reserves where they are like in their natural habitat! although I guess their argument is that they breed so are happy?! such a difficult topic!

    also, love that umbrella piccy!! gorgeous.

    Couture Caddy

  4. You're right! It is your blog and you can say whatever you want! I like that.

    Your mom is awesome!

  5. good luck with the move - are you going to NY?!

    Your momma looks like the best fun ever!

    Good for you posting things you are passionate about, exactly what a blog is for :)

    Hope you're well and can't wait to hear all about the move xox

  6. You're mum looks fantastic! And, it's great that you spend so much time together. Family and friends are the best. xx