Thursday, October 20, 2011


As I force the temperatures to change here in Az {and having poor luck} I decided to get lost this afternoon in a collection of Weheartit cozy images that make my toes and nose feel cold, and my heart feel warm {awww so cheesey I know} Please scroll through and let your mind also drift into a winter warm state of mind ...

i love these little Key Beennies!

this bed looks beyond cozy! Its where cozy goes to get cozy i think!

 I can smell these books! I can feel my cheeks thawing out in the warm glow, and I can just hear soft sounds of pages turning...

I'd very much so like to cuddle one of these little bunnies under my chin, and fall into a nice nap with a soft bunny foot or  ear near ... 
Try as I might I cannot master this hair color. I asked Underwood to color my hair last night what Revlon calls Dark Mahogany Brown.. and I really like it! But the red! OH the RED!

I think a bike and some leggings are a must in the city. Although I am quite certain I might eat it on the cold slippery and iced over pavement...It's still awfully pretty sight to see go by!

so how was it?


  1. those first sweater socks look so comfy! i die.
    lovely blog!


  2. such beautiful pictures. Socks like that are pretty much required for me from now until about March, I feel like winter is going to be long and rainy and grey here..enjoy the Arizona heat girl!

  3. VERY cool collection of pics!! love your blog. I really want those cosy socks!!

    want to follow each other? :)

    Couture Caddy

  4. If only it weren't nearly 80 today, I could properly enjoy it! How I dream of Aran knit socks and weather to wear them in!

  5. :) I love cozy days in the fall!
    And those socks make me want to curl up on my sofa and read a book!

  6. Oh I love those socks. They look so comfy!! I am new to your blog and am so glad that I found it!!

  7. I love that library photo soooo much! Pinning it now!

  8. Oh my goodness. Those key beanies are so adorable!! And that bed is so majestic! If only I could have a bed like that!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  9. I totally hear you! I am an Arizona girl too and I cannot wait for cooler temperatures.

    I'm dying to wear scarves and curl up next to a fire with a mug of something warm... but it seems ridiculous when it's still 90 degrees outside!