Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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This looks too good and spooky to pass up! I think I shall make this for a comfort food/welcome myself into my new apartment! lol I can totes throw myself my own welcome party right? I mean.. why not!

An entire glass wall that retracts like a garage door? Who thinks of these things? I think I did actually. I was always very creative back in the day with my Lego home layouts for my little "dudes" as we called them ;)

More Spooky Yummie Treats for Halloween!
These cracker and pita bread cut outs are too cute! Almost like he is either rising up out of the Guac, or sinking down into it.. mmmm warm guacamole.. :)

In case you're a Virgo too:
Today may be taken up with doing a lot of last-minute errands. You may be called on to referee a dispute among colleagues, relatives, or neighbors. Depending on the nature of the spat, you may be able to broker a temporary truce, but don't bezl too hard on yourself if tempers simmer despite your best efforts. Try and make relaxation a priority.

 And if not then, then follow me!

I'll take that coat, that smile and that location please :)
You can buy it here!

The facial hair? The curly weird mess atop your nogin?
Oh Shia no honey. no no.
Also, please stop the brawling. *sigh*

I love this picture, I found it on MSNs Week in Photos. Love looking through them.
Apparently, "Globes are seen at the book fair in Frankfurt, Germany, on Oct. 13. This year's edition of the largest book fair in the world takes place from Oct. 12-16."

I think this would make really neat wallpaper in a study. Or on the ceiling even with little light bulbs in the spots where the globes have that top. So pretty!

kookie furnature site...

Still knee deep in the 3rd Harry Potter book and Looovve.iinnnggg. It!


  1. That table with the bench and chairs -- I'm in love! Now that just cries out for a party. And the globe photograph is fantastic. It really would make awesome wallpaper.

  2. Gosh, those globes are amazing!! :)

  3. hehe love the globes and HP piccy!! already following your beautiful blog! come back soon.

    Couture Caddy