Thursday, October 13, 2011


I have have had the daunting task of deciding what to "Take" and what to "Toss" in my BCave.
Lucky for me saying good bye to old shoes was easy, and buying three new pair was FUN!

Don't you love them?! I have already wore the top pair out on a date with SacTown and not only did I get compliments, I got lingering looks ;)
On our date we went out to dinner, then to a brewery for drinks, and when I thought the night might be over, we stayed out till almost one am dancing at a jazz bar. It was really nice. He is funny, smart, GORGEOUS, and a gentleman.

I haven't worn the others but soon and very soon i shall bust them out in all their adorable glory!

Today I give my two weeks notice at work, and I couldn't be MORE nervous. Well..never say never right?!
This weekend will be packed with yard sales {where I'll be selling everything from my bed-to my tv-to my candle sticks} I'm sad to see everything go, but I am so excited to get rid of it all! How does that even make sense? Who knows, but it's true :)

Thank you to all the lovely and supportive comments and emails I received after my last post. I truly and thankful for such great readers :)

My local Chandler Library has decided to TORTURE me by having me on some buillshiz wait list for the third Harry Potter book. I'm literally on the edge of my ....bed here people! Common now, give me a break. I need my Potter!
I have kept the anxious withdrawals at bay with YouTube videos of A Very Musical Potter. A musical done by production co called Starkid with Darren Criss who wrote and stars as Harry. You might know him as Blaine from Glee.

Enjoy that! :)
I have been watching it and CRACKING up laughing.

Hope you all are having a lovely week!


  1. Lady, what are you doing with all those hot open toed shoes with a move to NYC on the horizon? I'm only half teasing. So glad to hear you enjoyed the date with SacTown (horray!) and that you're making moves this weekend!