Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Blogger,
 Why you gonna play me like that? This week I have read so many fun funny amazing inspirational blog posts by you all. Unfortunately Blogger will not allow me to comment on any of them. Unless it is anonymous, which even then.. gets tricky. So I do apologize. I am not MIA on my blog or yours, just simply trying to once again out smart a computer. {For the record Computer = 5/Me = 0} This weekend is Memorial Day weekend which means most of us will be off from work and going to pool parties, cook outs, beach parties, boat parties, and any other sun worshiping parties...

Ok I know we all love this picture.. but seriously I love this picture!!
it already adorable all it's own, but then we've also got the happy creepy on looker guy to the left whose mind you can read to be saying "Yeah you did!"{in Joeys voice} Then we have the cute little old lady one looker in the back right who is so sweet in her pattern dress and giant shoes. awwww Time Square!

So here are some Memorial Weekend inspired images I heart ;)
because although sun bathing, fruity cocktails are great!...

There are still men and woman every day far from home, doing what I could not... and doing their best to stay happy ...

Remembering those who they had to leave behind...

making the best of their situation...

and finding their inner bad ass.

I am sure we all know someone who is in the service, maybe its sweetie, maybe it was a parent who served..

For me my brother served, my friends have been in the service, and my grandpa was in the service...

So to everyone that i know, for everyone that you know
Here is a classic black and white kiss of thanks

and hard appreciation for the fact that there is a fleet week, and I will see it in NYC soon :) 

Have a wonderful and safe weekend girls!!


  1. What great photos, and a terrific reminder about what this holiday is really all about! Hope Blogger starts losing your battles!

  2. I got chills from this post. I just love our country.

    Hope blogger starts behaving for you!