Thursday, May 19, 2011

Unseen Pictures

My computer is finally up and running! thank the Lord for small  (but LARGE in my world) Miracles!!

 I went through all my photos to delete any odd ball, embarrassing, or just plain not good pictures. While doing so I found a bunch that I hadn't laid eyes on in a long long time!

{My parents back in the day}
My mom always told us when we were little to remember that it usually starts with a lot of good, and that's the part worth remembering.
{Peter, Amanda, MaryGrace, Myself}
Family Photos are great right? Best part? See Picture below :)
Brother Peter all grown up :) How telling!

{Warning, a whole side body shot (2 shots)}

Ladies and gents these fine scars are chemical burns from a heart monitor I had to wear, and continue to wear despite the burns..(a very sarcastic) YES!!

Its in Lake Havesu. Is anyone else really really upset that some arrogant rich person bought another countries landmark and brought it to a place in the US that very little people even care, much less realize it is THE London Bridge? umm cuz I do!
{ok sure fine, England put it on the market.. but common! let another Englander buy it!} 
 Non the less one fourth of July I took my windy picture in front of it. It really is beautiful, I just would have much rather visited it oh I don't know.. in LONDON.

The only time in the history of my life I was ever appalled by something I saw in the ocean.. and it was caught on film :)

Thanksgiving after my 21st birthday that beautiful mother of mine MADE me this blanket!! Can you believe it! Isn't it wonderful! i reminds me of the ocean, and that was her goal.. props mom.. maaad props.

That one asshole kitten I named Amelia. Look at my sad little Marlee!

That time I made my cat wear a dolls wig for a friends present. KITTY IS WIGS!
What a good sport though am I right? I mean you can totally see the hate in her eyes.. but she let me do it, and take the pictures. Aww Mambas the best!

This picture preeeetty much sums up my awkwardness, and the awkwardness children feel around me.

Another oldie but goodie. My Dad and Oldest brother banging pots and pans playing, I am quite sure, awesome pot and pan music!

That one Halloween I was Liza Minnelli. And people thought I really cut my hari.. pssssh its a little boy wig folks.. and I dig it.


Alright already. the NYC news!!

I have been talking, emailing, facebooking, and have come to this:

Come October I am moving into a two bedroom brownstone in Harlem with a trusted and loved friend of my sisters! Its the top story and has great sky lights, and high ceilings. I'll take the master bedroom, and the rent is oh so affordable!! {Hold all applause till the end please} Because not only that, but he has also assured me a job at a trendy restaurant he manages as a server where I'll be able to make pretty good money! Ummm when my sister scores she scores am I right?
My future roomie has been nothing but welcoming, excited and extremely accommodating! I only hope I can repay the favor with my share of rent, dish washing, bathroom cleaning, and general non pest behavior in the apartment :)
Caaaan you feel how excited I am? Because I am SOOOO excited! Not only for the amazing room, and job, but because it is happening. I am one foot in the door and it feels really really really, so very good my friends.

Here is to you and your constant support in my finding my footing all the way over there ...


  1. What great photos, maybe with the exception of those chemical burns-ouch!

  2. You really have everything lined up for NYC! You're so lucky! I'm working on finding and applying to some jobs right now (including the most perfect job for me ever). After that, I'll have to look for a place, which will likely be in Brooklyn. When you get there and get settled, let's make some plans to grab a coffee or meal together, yes?