Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ballin on a budget

This weekend is filled with GOOD! no, GREAT! Things Ladies.

I am feeling so happy and positive these days and there is no telling why.
Work has been the stresser of a life time. I blame each and ever distinguished gray hair on my head on them. And sure sometimes I cry leaving the parking lot, and my pillows have never been fluffy from my beatings.. but you know what? Looking forward to this weekend has made me untouchable today!

For starters my sisters candle party is this weekend! Umm a room full of friends, ladies who lunch, and smell good feel good candles? Yes please!

thank you google

I also plan to make Chocolate raspberry topped tarts for the event.. who knows I MIGHT make more then needed and end the day with one in bed? Shhhh I wont tell the diet Gods if you dont ;)

I plan to lay in bed, fix my computer, and load my iTunes back into good graces on the new phones..
then. rock out.

I also plan to just buy the Tina Fey BossyPants book because I have that much faith in my joy while I read this. I love her. Can't live with out her. So why do I think my book collection could? I know right.. silly me. The book comes home with me.. {and my tart} and into bed. {Warning: I'll take just about anything to bed.. thats what she said Boo ya!}

Today is Thursday no longer "hump day" and not yet WHOOO HOOOO Friday!!! But Thursday non the less is a class act. I can not wait for many things I have shaping up in my little life, and thinking about it has made me check back into life as a positive and happy person. My sisters can do that to me though. After a HORRID day at work where I spent more of the time resisting the erg to pluck out eyes {all Kill Bill Style} and have one of those amazing I QUITE! walk outs we all dream about from time to time.. I spent that night laughing. my.tail. OFF with my two sisters. I don't think I  could laugh any harder until one of them says the next thing that makes me do a "I have to pee" dance but dont want to leave and miss anything .."thing".

I love my sisters dearly and am SO thankful to my mom that she gave them to me. My brothers are cooler then cool. But my sisters? they are the most amazing and talented people I know. I find so much comfort and wisdom in them. {are you hearing this older sis? ;)}

I have also come to terms with some plans to move to NY. Soon to come I am sure once I have ironed them all out n the 'ol noodle..

Well ladies. May peace be with you on this classy Thursday.

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  1. A chocolate tart covered with raspberries? After the week I've had, I'll take two, please!