Monday, June 6, 2011

and Now..

I have lost the picture on my profile. Really Blogger.. really? If I wasn't so obsessed involved in the blogs I follow I might just cancel the whole flippin thing. Grrrrr

Unfortunately I DO suffer from this lol. I have been told since high school people think I'm mad or mean.. but really I'm not. My concentrated look, or day dreaming look has less whimsical happiness and more doom and gloom than I'd like... oops.

I may have woken up on the wrong side on the bed today, but I am willing myself through beautiful images to make me happy again!

I realize my posts have been somewhat lazy and a little more like a picture gallery really more than anything. So Sorry about that.
I'll get better..
But really who doesn't want to look and day dream about staying in one of these cozy Tree Houses??

Am I right, or am I right?

I LOVED Swiss Family Robinson's when I was a little girl. Coolest thing EVER! Now that tree in Disneyland is the Tarzan tree or some bogus thing.. pshhh I liked the Swiss tree waaaay better. Common Disney.
awww... Disneyland. I miss it. I've gone too many times for a grown person. But I love it. I am five again. Everything is Magical! That IS a princess and I WILL wave at her in the parade and probably talk about how she totes waved back at ME all the way home.

We have a little weird tradition with my dad of closing the park down and being the last ones out. its weird, and the workers hated us I am sure. But who cares that was AWESOME!

What isn't to like? Sure there are long lines, but that's when you get to really know the songs, get the build up of anticipating the ride, you go through weird creepy cave like tunnels, you end up with very odd standing in line pictures with whomever you came with, and possibly the people standing in front, or behind you in line. It's a bonding time for park goers. And you learn another language duh
{"Remain seated please, permanecer sentados por favor"}

a wee childish to cut someone out of a picture {and not even well} but we aren't the best of friends any longer {sad day} and I am not sure how she'd feel about me posting a picture of her on my blog soo.. in any case she had a great pirate face, and was a BLAST to go each year to Disneyland when we were in high school.

I was the ONLY one who got wet on that ride.. and I was in the middle.. how does that even happen? did they all duck out of the way or what?

pretty. see.. magical!

ahhhh Yep feeling happier already :) Thanks Disneyland you rock my tree lovin house


  1. I think a little tree house day dream is just the thing to make a girl smile-but Mondays ain't easy! Sorry Blogger is still giving you such a hard time!

  2. Blogger has also been being a bitch to me too lately! I find it helps if I shout at the computer!!

    And yes, I totally have that too. Even if I'm happy on the inside, for some reason, when I'm walking down the street, mostly daydreaming, I never ever look happy. Consequently people (strangers) tend to shout to me "cheer up love" or "cheer up, it'll never happen" or "give us a smile". Which only serves to make me grumpy and less likely to smile!! But make if I daydreamed of treehouses I would have a big smile on my face - who can't fail to be moved by a treehouse?!