Monday, May 16, 2011

Love Note

Last week I came upon this awesome beyond awesome link hat I just had to share with all of you! At this site you can be sure there are plenty of little love notes to read.. like this gem!

Find more here
More Goodies!

Now.. don't you feel better about it being Monday already?!

This weekend was a blast! I went to my sisters candle party loaded up with these organic cookies I bought from a nice Indian woman who makes them from scratch, and the chocolate raspberry tarts .. well the ones that survived anyway.

I bought a pack of six mini tart pans at William and Sonoma and made about 8 tarts so far that morning. PS the dough... not the same as pie dough. You've been warned! Pulling the shells out of the freezer (they needed to cool off.. quickly!) two broke! "Balls!" I yelled out.. like a lady baking on a beautiful Saturday morning should not. I made chocolate pudding with whipped cream to filled he shells with and then placed about six to seven of my best raspberries in the middle (upside down) and began my transfer from counter to carrier when I dropped another and pudding went everywhere! This was terrible news... AWESOME news for the cat Agnes who is always at the ready to quickly eat whatever I drop.. because if I am cooking, baking, or simply putting groceries away chances are food will be dropped. Oh well.
So I went from 8 down to 5. I know sad day right.
I think everyone liked them though and Ive had the joys of eating left over pudding and fruit for breakfast this weekend.
This weekend I watched three movies. Here is my short and sweet two cents on them each:
Not great. I'm sorry. I don't know why I ever liked this movie as a kid. not only does the magic make NO sense, the kid never learns the first lesson of not lying. Sure he is brave by going and saving his father in the whale, but how much of that was because now he had NO home? I'm just sayin. This movie is wack.
Ummm I loved it. i wished it were a little more "The Hangover"-ish. But it was still pretty good. There were several things in the movie that made me want to straight up high five Kristin Wig and then ask her HOW she had been spying on my life without my knowing?
~The Kings Speech~
Yeah I'm a little behind the times on this one. SO GOOD though. I wanted to hug George, and also high five him (I'm big into the high fives right now?) I'm not totally sure how I feel about an Irish actor playing the role of an English King... But he did very well. So did his "wife" where I am used to seeing this actress play a bad guy in Harry Potter films, or a frizzy haired cartoon character in hubby Tim Burton's films. Well played by all.
I also started to read Tina Fey's Bossypants. On my way to buy Cage the Elephant concert tickets for the end of this month I the traffic on the on ramp slowly came to a stand still. Annoyed as it is a hot day in May in Az  and nothing but commercials to listen to on the radio. Then I realized "HOLD the phone.. I just bought a hilarious book.. no time like the present." And so I sat reading the first two chapters of the book in traffic watching cop after ambulance after fire truck go by. There are three unchanging facts about my car you gotta know..

1. The entire dash board shakes like Beyonce when I hit 45 miles an hour, and then she shakes like Shakira when I hit 65 miles an hour.. its just the charm of a 2003 Ford Focus.
2. The air conditioner is a bully. And at times he will win (yes my car is a "she" but my air conditioner is somehow a "he" don't ask).
3. The door will never not make that "bonk" noise when you open it because that deer did a number on the front end.

Man I am really going to miss my car when I go to NY. Speaking of NY.. here is a little hint about tomorrows news!!!

How was everyones weekend?


  1. What a weekend-glad you got to enjoy raspberry tarts, even if they weren't always easy!

    Passive aggressive notes is my FAVORITE-horray for good giggles! Can't wait to hear this big NY news!!

    xo, Lena

  2. You bought the tarts and tried them out! That's awesome!

    And I cannot wait to hear your news!