Monday, May 9, 2011

Just keep Swimming, Just keep swimming

"A morning spent with cake, is a good day make!"

Ok so I totally made that up to feel less guilty about eating cake for the past three days lol. But hey its a good theory right?
On Friday night I had a good 'ol fashion slumber party with my gal pals and the occasion just HAD to call for cake don't you think? What else is better after three slices of pizza I ask you?
We watched movies, talked, laughed at our selves, and passed out!

The next day I woke up and made yummy cinnamon rolls for my friend and her adorable son. the Yum continues! I spent the next hour taking him to the park and following him around anywhere he went. ANYWHERE. Which means I now have bruises on my knees from crawling through giant plastic tunnels while dodging mystery "gunk" some child left behind for me to crawl through, and a burn on my side from the many trips down the awesome twisty slide that was also baking in the sun. non the less it was a blast and I would have stayed out there longer had a bug not flown and drowned in my water cup and he didn't have the need to "dig it out!" so I brought him home to his mother with sand in his hair, dirt on his face, and possibly a boat load of sand in his shoes.

That night I met a new friend out for a night of drink, chatter and dancing. it was.. the oddest night in a very long time. here are some high lights:

*My phone died. Like forever died. and if you have an iPhone then you know the PAIN of being without it. suddenly I didn't know what was was up ... what street I was on {Who looks up at street signs when you can just follow a blue dot?} ... or my name {who looks at their own id?}! Ahhh I needed my phone! This is also why no pictures are here for your viewing pleasure of the night or the awesome slumber party cake. oh well.
* The first club that has been THE place to be called Dirty Pretty, was so dead we got a free VIP booth, and we could actually hear each other!
*Our dj friend had us on the list for the club he was working but for some reason at this club everyone was rubbing their butt on me. I kid you not! There is an 80 cover band down stairs where a 40 something decided to park it in front of my. Quite literally I had to guard my drink from her hair! Yuck. Then heaven help me if they were playin her jam because I got violated. Yeck! We moved upstairs to the dj and dance floor where I had not one, not two, but three guys drop it like its hot on me lol.
*I had a birthday girl with a fun little hat do the same.. seriously people! I just want to make my way to the bar good lord!
*I had a guy just grab the back of my hair and start playing with my hair..? WHAT? I slowly turned around thinking MAYBE HOPEFULLY it was my dj friend just being a weirdo, but no. I had no clue who this clown was that had his hand in my hair and a smile on his face. he leaned in and said
 "You have a lot of hair!" 
 "Yes I do.."
"I bet your really hot huh!"
you know something.. I was!
"Yeah.. actually I am..thanks?"
"No problem man.. wow.. your hair smalls great!"
"Ok your done now"
*Resting our feeties on our way to another club we perched on a wall and chatted for awhile. the next thing you know there are two ambulances, a guy on the ground hand cuffed, and a fire truck with a giant flood light shinning on my new friend and I. Huh.. a girl to our right had an argument with managers of the club we were headed to about whether or not she "shattered a toilet seat".. keep in mind this girl weighed less then my hand bag. How in blazes does someone SHATTER a toilet seat? And who is touching toilet seats in clubs? Ugh man I avoid those babies like the plague... or that guy who touched my hair!

We decided at this point (1am) we had had enough. We agreed this was a supremely odd night, but fun none the less and happy we got some good face time in getting to know each other better.  Turns out I was totally right she is a blast! And a dependable fun dance like a maniac, can you please hold my purse while I fix my shoe, friendly oooo look at that guy! girl to go out with YAY!

Hope you all had a wonderful, safe, happy mothers day, no one sticks their hand in your hair weekend!


  1. Sounds like a wild, wonderful weekend! John's been eating birthday cake for breakfast, so I'm sure he'll love that someone else is, too!

  2. You pack so much into a weekend! Pizza, cake, cinnamon rolls, and a slumber party? Wow! And I love your response to the guy playing with your head. Too funny.

  3. that cake is wayyyy too pretty. its a very pretty color pink too :) lol sounds like you guys had a great time. haha dont let guys play with your head

  4. hahahaha i love that you just made that up.