Wednesday, April 20, 2011

all I can say for myself is..


Holy crap.

1. I suck at blogging these days. soooo sorry. But dude..
2. Finally feeling much better in time for the wedding.
3. finally stopped peeling from burn in time for wedding.
4. never ended up working out or dieting for wedding.. still fit into dress though for wedding. (phew!)
5. Currently dealing with mini dramas about the wedding.. two days before the wedding.

awww isnt that the way though? I feel like I need a fanny pack and vest like Jennifer Lopez in the Wedding Planner.. where does one buy one??

I havent posted any pics of this beautiful lady I dont think. but I dont think she would mind because ummm.. she looks AMAZING!!!

this is her practice make up session and I cant wait to see it all done on the day of! She will look so beautiful as always...

this is my Lisa Lou everyone isnt she beautiful!!

I have written my little mini speech as I am not a main character at this event and am pleased with what little sentences I was able to string together.

tomorrow will be jam PACKED!

I will post soo many pictures your eyes will be happy for HOURS the following week as well as a million crazy stories.. cuz believe you me the dramas that a rollin in.. they are insane!

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  1. I think we've all been there-can't WAIT to hear all about this divine wedding!