Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Someone Like You

So I have heard that "Chasing Pavements" song.. and I didn't really like it..? It struck me as kinda annoying. Sorry Adele darling.

But then my sister said her name to me the other day, and when I called my mom {who happened to be oil painting listening to an Adele CD} it prompted me to spend the next three hours on youtube watching music videos, and interviews.

It cracks me up that someone so beautiful and someone so talented has such a hilarious laugh!

I absolutely have fallen in love with her music, her voice, and her eye liner.

I my reasons for staying single are valid, smart, and realistic.. but dang it man! I feel like I am missing out. I am definitely someone who enjoys her routine of crackers and Nilla Wafers in bed with a good movie or book as a single gal. But I am also really good in relationships as well.
 bahhaa of course that's what I think anyways...
I just can't help but to feel sad some times. and yes watching a friend get married isn't super helpful on the single girl front.
I may have had a small pity party.. or two.. after the day. Replaying Adele and singing it at the top of my lungs while I drive home on the freeway and scare fellow drivers that pass and see my ugly cry face singing along to "Someone Like You".

But I can't help it.. just like I can't help that as I type this I am eating an Easter themed Reese's cup right now.. {with a fork}
"But Burns you were doing so good. You have been happy as a clam.. what in blazes set this off?" you ask?
I'll tell you. At the beautiful wedding, with the beautiful bride, and her beautiful family, sister, friends and twinkle lights, was also a beautiful guy I may have already kinda sorta dated.. Mr. X. poop I know right. Your totes rolling your eyes at me. that's cool.. just keep reading though while you do so please.

The entire night I never found myself alone standing for more then two minutes before he was at my side and holding my hand, or swooping in to lead me to the dance floor for a slow dance, refilling my drink {ok that one may have had some ulterior motives attached} but dang it if it wasn't really really nice. He volunteered to take me home {again...motives lol} and when the fact that I hadn't eaten since 8 am that morning and since had had perhaps one too many and I wanted sit sit and hide in the bridal suite, he sat there too.
{I was totally fine ps and didn't act a fool or end up sick.. in fact I didn't even have so much as a headache the next day CHAMPION!}

Of course I know I am indulging in that feeling though and that in reality I am perfectly fine.
But it is hard when you are good with someone and to know it isn't going to work.

It might not be a bad idea for me to try and find someone like him.

But just in case I don't... and the sad girl thing keeps showing up in the car, on the radio, in my iPod, in the store {as sad girl is certainly responsible for the Reeses breakfast shopping}, and any other time I have access to my iTunes I am soo glad and somewhat comforted that Adele has already been there, done this, and then recorded an amazingly heart felt and honest song about it all for both me, and my sad single gal self to listen to. on repeat.


  1. Oh sweetheart-first, it's okay to feel a little sad, and if you're going to feel that way anyway, why not do it right? Some days you'll love being free, and other days you'll wish you had a special someone, but either way, you'll get there. You know you don't need to get there now, but that doesn't mean it won't sometimes be hard. Just enjoy knowing that Mr Wonderful is out there, and when you're ready for him, he'll show up!

    xoxoxoxox, Lena

  2. I loveeee Adele! Cheer up!!


  3. Oh dear. Relationships can be quite complicated, whether they're happening or over or in that weird in-between. It's okay to be a bit sad. Our feelings are one of our greatest strengths. They connect us and ground us. Trust your path. You're a beautiful person and I've no doubt everything will work out wonderfully for you.

    And Adele, I adore. I've had "Rolling in the Deep" on repeat lately. Her voice is unparalleled today.

  4. Oh man, this post broke my heart. He sounds so wonderful. It's hard to let that go. At least we have music to heal us, right?

  5. Hey there lady! Just found your blog while browsing A Cup of Jo. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Adele and she is so naturally beautiful. Heard this song at a wedding and have fallen in love w/ her ever since. Hope your weekend is fantastic!