Monday, April 11, 2011

Back Up

I am happy to be back up on two feet and feeling much better!

This past weekend I layed out to try and catch a few flattering rays for the wedding I am in in 13 more days!!
Unfortunatly, I fell asleep out side and got burnt {"It was the badly burnt Albaninian boy..."- Flight Of the Conchords} .. not too bunrt though mostly just dehydrated. And man it wasn't messing around. I was pretty much in bed with a Gaterade IV for the most of SUnday Monday Tuesday Wednesday. BUT NOT TODAY! WOOOHOOO!

I looked back at a few of my texts, emails, and status comments and I am certain that my sick self is much much more of a weirdo then my healthy self.

FB status update by S: Your crazy Friday nights are my Monday nights..
BOFamily comment: Sweet so then you had a Twilight marathon too then? Good deal.

She thought it was hilarious but I swear to you that I did just watch all three Twilight films lol

emails my friends had to endure:
So I'm still not feeling well. And true to "sick Bridgette" days I am now having a twilight marathon! hizah! {see!} The need to vomit is a tiny bit less for a few:). Hope your day is better than mine girlie.
Ps I will not be tan for ur wedding as I will never lay out again.
That's a lie.
But I will never lay out for longer than twenty min at a time.
With high amounts of sun block.
And coolers full of light purple Gatorade.
Also. Did u know my iPhone has Gatorade in it's guess text?
I wonder if certain brands pay for that? Do u think? Liiiiiike ... Coke. Yep pepsi oooo pepsi didn't. Stupid stupid pepsi your missing out. I'd waaaaay rather have a coke now and NOT a pepsi becuase if my iPhone doesn't like enough to remember it then fuck it right?
Thoughts of a sick person~B

Ugh.. my poor friends. But none the less Im still plucking along doing the usual...

I am getting so excited preparing for my friend Lous' wedding!!! We have a girls night/bacholorett party this weekend, we'll have another girls night with just the twins and myself right before the wedding {the TriPod as they call us} Manicures, hair appointments and all things girlie will happen in one quick flash I am sure as the day is upon us.
She sent me pictures from her trial hair and make up session and ladies.. she looks freaking STUNNING! Sooo beautiful!
Can't wait!
;) There might also be a sneak post wedding massage for the MOH and I to destress ;)

I am also continuing the fight to be able to creat my perfect braided crown. its sooo much harder then it looks my goodness! But dring all these trials my hair sure looks nice and wavey these days !!

So tell me.. what have you been up to?


  1. Getting burnt sucks! But I'm sure you're still gorgeous anyway. Feel better and drink some tylenol. Love that braid!

  2. Sorry you haven't been feeling well-there's nothing worse than those terrible sunburns for making you completely useless!

    Love that braid, too! My trick is to braid wet, squirt with hairspray and then blow dry!