Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Did You Dream of Being?

Can't wait for Water For Elephants to come out.. looks beautiful!
I loved getting your emails and comments in response to my recent post on some motherly advice. The story of my brother wanting to be in the circus and his bear "Scraggle Bear" being his elephant has some what stayed with me these past few days.


When I was younger I wanted desperately to be many things. First a Guardian Angel like in the movie "Heart And Souls". If you haven't seen it it is such a must! But when my Catholic roots told me nah nah I turned my focus to being the best cat there ever was.. and when that proved  near impossible I then took my turn at being a mermaid when I grew up. I mean who HASN'T hooked their ankles together in the pool and totes proved they could pull off the mermaid swim? And The Little Mermaid jump? Don't even get me started. I was a freaking pro at this. I had the perfect long hair and EVERYthing!

One of my older sisters wanted to be the Tooth fairy for awhile too..

Yes that's what me and my brothers and sisters wanted to be when we grew up.. we all chose something magical and wonderful..

What did you want to be when you grew up??


  1. What magical aspirations you guys had! I wanted to be a lawyer-so uninspired!

  2. Love your photo of the tooth fairy - it's gorgeous.


  3. That's so awesome you guys all wanted to be magical things. You have such a creative and vivid personality I would expect nothing less.