Tuesday, September 13, 2011

sooo this happened... and giveaway info!

Was My Birthday {As Ya'll Know}
And I celebrated at work with coworkers who brought in mountains of Delicious food! I mean..dE-LiSH 
 I ate and ate all day...
At 7:30 I met up with my closest friends and my sister for a hilarious dinner at my favorite Mexican food restaurant *Serrano's. Ladies I can not put into words {I know.. then why do I have a blog LOL} Just how much fun this dinner was. Everyone had a story, and everyone of them cracked me up! I love my girls they are the best. I got some very sweet cards that I not only have read more than once, but have teared up rereading them. I love you girls!

*History: I have gone to Serrano's every year I have lived in Arizona for my birthday dinner. it goes back as far as my 7th birthday.. I have pictures in these giant hats from each of those years Hizah!

Serrano's had the famous Sprinkles Cupcake Co. Make a Margarita Cupcake..
it was good.. it was..different

Also on Friday I received the surprise flowers..BEAUTIFUL!

From the Diamond Back of course.. After dinner Underwood and I met up with him and his roommates for some dancing and drinks... the night just got better from there and I finally scored a good night kiss ;) boo ya!
yeah this is a picture taken from my iPhone off of my camera screen..
lol sorry.
The gift that made me leap in surprise? My besties friends mother is my coworker whom I LOVE cherish and adore. She is a hugger. She is a fierce momma bear. And she is the kindest {is that a word? most kind?} person I know! Except for the day she took my gift in a white elephant gift exchange and snagged the awesome martini glasses I was soooo happy I picked! I couldn't believe it! Here we are in September and believe it when I say I was not expecting to open my birthday gift bag to see the same box, untouched from that day!!

Saturday morning I met up with my girlies once more to visit Sprinkles in Scottsdale, Arizona. i picked out *cough* three of them. Peanut butter, coconut, and marshmallow.. YUM

Did you watch the Miss Universe pageant?
 I know, me neither..
but she won!

All info from

"SAO PAULO (AP) — Newly crowned Miss Universe Leila Lopes wants to help her native Angola further escape a history of war and impoverishment and said she plans to focus on combating HIV around the globe."

-Umm this is awesome. I think they chose a really good person this year from the sound of it!

"She deftly handled the interview question that is asked of the remaining top five contestants. She was questioned about what physical trait she would change if she could.

"Thank God I'm very satisfied with the way God created me and I wouldn't change a thing," Lopes said. "I consider myself a woman endowed with inner beauty. I have acquired many wonderful principles from my family and I intend to follow these for the rest of my life."

-What a fantastic answer from a contestant in a pageant that apparently "started as a local bathing suit revue in Long beach, California, organized by a swimwear company". Huh.. who knew?

My aunt is the most amazing woman! She can make..pretty much Anything. And my anything I mean I have several earrings necklaces and belts from her..and have an order placed for a few dresses, tweed trousers I've been obsessing about, and jackets. This woman is fantastic!

Recently she has shared an idea of hers for a "Mommy and me" apron collection.
 I know.. ADORABLE! What a great idea right? I am iffy on kids.. but this kinda sells me on the idea.. I mean I love to bake and I love aprons.. so if I could be teaching my cute little one my "how to tricks" in her own matching apron.. I'm so in!

Here is a look at some of the aprons, although there are more, and she can make any pattern variation, and theme
(i.e birthdays, Christmas..so on)

*This one is my fav! The "mommy" fits like a freakin dream{read in Jersey accent}!
(thats a picture of my aunt kissing her daughter Elieen on the cheek! lol so cute)

I also really like the pretty colors of this one, and the small little bow details!

This one I almost bought and took home because of the sweet summer colors! Those are yellow/orange strawberries! How sweet right? I love it!
My sisters, Aunts cousins, and cousins wives, were all crammed into her room as she showed off her newest items and creations. They are the best idea for gifts for yourself, for Christmas, Birthdays, Mother's Day, Grandparents Day (which was this past Sunday) and even for the boys! She is working on some man of the house ideas for BBQ aprons, and prints for your little man!

I'll be talking to her more about what will be available for the giveaway and what the rules will be to enter!
 Stay tuned :)

Much love, and Hunger pains~ Mighty Burns


  1. Wow! So many amazing things in this post :) Happy Belated Birthday gorgeous xoxo

  2. I'm so delighted you had such a divine birthday-and my goodness did you look GORGEOUS! Teach me your secrets, lady! xoxox