Friday, September 9, 2011

Toot Toot Beep Beep

Yep I am tooting my own horn here on this 'ol blog of mine...

Today I turn 25. Yowzah. Last night while checking for more grey silver hairs, and wrinkles, I realized I have some little Confessions to make this Friday about the habits I have held onto and the new habits of my 25 year old self..and soo..

Confession 1: I still paint my nails at stop lights... I know. its bad. probably not the safest. but.. I'm stopped. that parts ok right?
2: I have a weird toe thing. I had to perform my own toe surgery. Now I have like... a nubbin toe nail. I know. It's yuck, and I'm now super self conscious about it.. and very toe aware..
 Hey not all confessions are cute warm and fuzzy ok
 3: Now that I am a young lady.. I'm getting acne what the what! And because I have not been able to break the habit of sleeping on my hands at night (Which I am convinced leads to break out on my cheeks) I have now worn {clean!} socks on my hands to bed two nights in a row. No lies people. No lies.

4: Still to this day, I eat in my bed. Another none attractive quality. It's very Carrie circa Big hating the oranges smell in his sheets.

5: I love to dance in my car to music that are "my jams!" But when I sense that another car is watching me.. my dancing gets worst I think. I do much better thinking no one is watching me. ugh.. eyes forward people I'm trying to dance to my jam here

{Cousins Brian, and Brennan and myself. Look how super burns-y I am.. see THIS is where I get my Mighty Burns name LOL man look at them grow!}

6: Today is a massive eating day. I have not stopped eating since 6am. DUDE. Bagels and dips and cookies.. oh my! But starting Monday it is game on to a better, healthier and slimmer 25 burns bod.

7: Sometimes {and by sometimes I mean most often} I narrate in my head what's going on..
"She sat there and waited for the words to come to her while slow taps on the keyboard rang out into the quiet office.." I'm my own little movie. It's a good one.

8: I have come to realize that to be totally honest with myself I now know this:
I LOVE my mothers side of the family. Which is evident here. But I think a big part of my latching on and really holding tight is that from a young age I was disowned by my fathers parents (I think I was about nine or perhaps ten). It was very hurtful but at the same time made sense. i never seemed to fit into their clean white carpet "don't touch that" world. But now that i am older {more mature at 25 don't ya know} I realize I have Aunts and Uncles and cousins on that side of the family too.. and I really should try and get to know them as my sister recently has. It is all family. And in a family you take their good with their bad.

9: Diamond back just might be the best thing for me at this point in time. Although I feel slightly like kicking rocks and pouting in the corner when its been the 6th date and still no move has been made, it's made the feisty burns take a chill pill on the whole topic and just enjoy having someone actually get to know me. nice right :)

{My Grandpa and I at his birthday weekend}

10: I am freaking out about NYC! Everyone keeps telling me how brave it is. Although I don't feel like it is a brave act. I do feel over come with mild panic that HOLY CRAP I'M MOVING TO NYC!
 And then I pop in a Sex and the City and try to pay attention to what streets they are on to associate with the city.  

That's all I got ladies!
 Enjoy your weekend.
Tonight i am going to dinner with my ladies
Then possibly out on the town
Then cupcakes and the famous Sprinkles
Then a road trip to Sedona!


  1. First, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and HORRRAAAAY for 25!!! And second, the visual of you sleeping with socks on your hands cracks me up.

  2. Happy, happy birthday, my dear! Enjoy all that delicious food you're eating today! And don't worry about NYC. You're going to LOVE it. I'll take you out and show you some of the ropes -- you can have all of my NYC survival tips.

  3. Happy happy birthday! 25 is a great age to be - hope you enjoy it!!

  4. painting nails at stoplights?! :) by the way, happy happy birthday!!!

  5. Happy Belated birthday! I love this and read it with such interest. And I love that you have your own constant screenplay. Maybe SJP will play you one day?