Monday, September 19, 2011

Boys have "Get Ready Play Lists" too!

I know this SMP pic is large and quite in charge.. but dude.. it's deserves to be this large!

This weekend had so many positives that I am sad that what stands out is another car problem :/
"Car problems are the worst.." says every single person I know..
And while that it is true that a "Check Engine Light" can strike fear into this girlie little heart of isn't the WORST ..right???

More positive things to focus on from this weekend?
How about a sleep over at Underwoods house on Friday night!
I went on an actual JOG Saturday morning. One that ok.. I MAY have stopped and started to walk part of the way.. but the jogging was more than the walking! yahoo!!
Underwood taught me how to make eggs a new way (still need to test it out :)
Went to lunch with a good friend. So good it turned into hours upon hours of chatting, catching up, and laughing our little booties off! 

I wrapped up Saturday with a date with the Diamond Back. Ladies.. I kinda like the fellow. I have said it before on here, and dang it I'll say it again..he is one of the best people I know. 
*Little history on the Diamond Back..
*He is my brothers friend. 
Ahh I know right. Rule breakers. But to be perfectly honest when I told my brother, he was really happy for us both telling me, "Bridge the guys I am friends with are good guys.. really good people. And I love you..and I love them. So if you date one of my friends I can trust your being treated right."
To be even more honest the FIRST thing he said was, "Go Diamond Back!" which I promptly dismissed. 
My brother then made a call to Diamond Back to have the oh so "intimidating" conversation with him about treating my right and so on...
Ahhhhh Brothers! I love um! 

The date night was low key. I went in a casual striped skirt, black tank top and some flippy floppies
(you'll know why this is important later).
We settled in with a movie and snuggled up with cold beers while his roommates and a visiting friend went out to eat... and drink. They walked home but started to text us him asking for a sober ride down to the bars on the downtown collage strip next to ASU called Mill Ave.
Only slightly annoyed at them, I made an agreement to stay sober with him and we got ready to go out with the boys.
Have you ever gotten ready in a house full of guys? I thought it would be all high fives and chest bumping.

But mostly the questions I was asked were:
"Are we too matchy matchy"?
"If this was just a butt.. guy or girl.. how's my butt.. you can be honest?"
"How many push ups was that?"
"Should I text her?"... "What do I text her?"
"Close your eyes. Smell this... ?"
"Hows is this not your jam?"
(when talking about Will Smiths' "Men in Black"... I mean its good buuut I was more delighted to find that one guy had "Spice up Your Life" by the Spice Girls.. they continued to get ready to THIS jam)

The car ride there overrode any annoyance I had with the silly group of boys when they each took turns singing verses to random songs off the iPod.. quite seriously preformed mind you and made the 40min trip feel more like 10.

Mill is pretty casual. There are mostly just bars and pubs that line the avenue. But one of the boys wanted to dance. I mean DANCE. So I took them all to a roof top club called 301. At this point in the night I am sober. Painfully sober. It is after midnight and I am standing watch over their drinks and over them like they were my little ducks. I stayed at the table and chilled in a club in my flip flops. Feelin... a little lame.. and a little out of place. Ah well. Diamond back was in the same boat. But he wasn't in flip flops.. he looked good.

After hearing one girl exclaim on the street:
"We're wearing red because we are both on the rag together!"
I wanted to go home.
 Is that not the SICKEST thing you have ever heard? And girl why you are admitting this to a guy..??
On the street???
That you don't know??
Oh honey no. There are so many things NOT cute about that.

The boys decided to pay for a cab to take them home, or pay for a hotel that night down town and we took our sober lame butts home ..
Which was quite fine by me.

Sunday = non fun day.
I had to drop my car off at my (closed) mechanic's and stay the night at my sisters (which was fun!) so she could take me to work in the am (thank you sister sue!).. and here I remain..
So far I have eaten six mini snickers.. or so the trash can tells me so.
One diet Coke and three Halloween "corns".

Tell me... how was Your weekend spent?


  1. Okay, Mr. Diamond Back sounds awesome! And I love your brother's reaction- very sweet to make the mandatory call. Goodness, whether you stay or go it sounds like a wonderful adventure ahead.

  2. Diamond Back really does sound like a good guy-I'm liking this, and the majority of your weekend, even with the car trouble. Is it fixed yet?

  3. okay...that first (or second?) photo of that couple kissing under water is beyond dreamy!! :)

    and diamond back sounds like a great guy! and i love your brother's reaction...both that you shared ;) And reading about what those guys talked about and said while getting ready to go out cracked me up! haha!! and i hope your car get fixed and back to tip top shape asap :)

    and thanks so so much for your sweet note on our exciting news! <3

  4. my check engine light is on right now and my guy friend just told me i need new tires. i'm trying to ignore them. i know, though, that ill have to go get 'em checked out soon. grrrr. i feel ya, chica!

  5. You have one seriously awesome brother. The things he said to you were so sweet, and I love that he still called the guy to have the talk.