Friday, September 16, 2011

How Do YOU Do?

Recently Mr. X and I had a conversation via text. I spent the better part of my morning sneaking off to the back office, pocket responding, or taking extra trips to refill my water in order to text him back with friendly questions about how he has been, how his dating is going, and other such polite niceties such as those... However, not once did he ever ask how I was doing, how life had been treating me, or even so much as a "happy birthday".
 Although I don't think the motivation to ask someone "How are you?" should be just so you can tell them how YOU are, I still think it is the polite thing to do in a conversation.
Don't you?
I sometimes think that I know the best way even communicate, but I am sure there are times I slip up and make mistakes all over the place..
This is why I asked good friend and fellow blogger from Audry Onasiss to guest post for me today on some topics why may all need a little refresher course in. Audry is a beautiful and wickedly smart 20 something with a sharp sense of humor whom I am oh so lucky enough to know, and love. Enjoy!

Hello Readers!

I’m Ari, and I’m guest blogging over here today for Mighty Burns. I know that you love her like I do, so you can imagine how excited I am to be writing on her amazing blog.

If you follow my musings over on Audrey Onassis, then you probably have at least an inkling of my love of all thing etiquette. I’m no expert, but I have done a fair amount of reading on the topic.

Picture Mighty Burns took of me, looking like a lady (or something, ha!)

I’m pretty staunch when it comes to manners, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my views that would probably be considered backward by most.

Gift Registries

{via Callaloo Soup}

I was on the fence about these for some time, but I’ve recently taken a more firm stance on these ubiquitous lists. Gift registries are in poor taste. That’s right, I said it. Everyone knows that guests are required to give gifts to the newlyweds (preferably thoughtfully selected and sent before or after, and not brought to, the wedding), but many brides (and grooms, I suppose) treat these tokens of affection as a price of admission. Some even take it so far as to quote the price to their guests in the form of a Crate + Barrel registry. Begging isn’t cute.

A Facebook “Happy Birthday” Does Not Suffice

{via Busted Tees}

The fact that Facebook gives us friendly reminders to wish all of our friends a happy birthday is certainly convenient (especially for the absentminded among us- guilty!), but I can’t help feeling that it rather cheapens the sentiment. This may be totally unfounded, but I think that people slap a “Happy Birthday, so-and-so!” on a Facebook page and consider their social obligation met. The texted birthday wish is equally egregious. Email is okay; I’ve received some really lovely emails on past birthdays. Still, call me old-fashioned, but there is nearly nothing that brings a smile to my face quite like a birthday card or phone call.

It’s Never Okay to Bring an Uninvited Guest

{via Style Me Pretty}

I could see where the rise of technology and informality might make this one a tad messy, but I think the basic principles still apply. In the olden days (ha), it was easy to tell whom was invited to an event because their names were explicitly written on the invitation’s envelope. Now, though, it seems that invitees bring their own entertainment. It makes me sad to hear about brides cracking under the financial strain of their weddings, because they are under the impression that every single guest must be invited “plus one”. Haven’t these women heard of the “singles table”? I seem to have gone off on a tangent about invited guests, when what I meant to lament was the uninvited ones. When I was 17, my mother threw a bridal shower for one of our coworkers. Not only did this bride-to-be show up an hour and a half late to her own party, but she brought close to ten people that she hadn’t asked us to invite! Similarly (sort of), I was once invited to a bridal shower, but not the wedding (!), even though the bride had asked me to be a bridesmaid the day after she became engaged! Scandalous!

This list isn’t all-inclusive, I also always address letters to women using their married names, never buy pre-written greeting cards, and refuse to ask people their ages (even when I’m dying to know!) All of these things are just part of what makes me a crazy lady, I’m sure, but there is something so satisfying about all those rules and customs, don’t you think?

Thank you for reading my ramblings, and please stop by Audrey Onassis, where you are sure to find me discussing food, cats, or Miss Manners.
& P.S. just for fun, Guest Posting Etiquette! How did I do? :)

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