Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink..."

Ok. I am starting to shake in my rapidly out of style boots. Each day that passes is a day I should have packed.. and didn't! Shh.I am going to miss my apartment so very much. It also means that soon I will be living in a room. Sure I can be out in the house... but common lets get honest I don't know these people that well..
My days and nights will be spent in my room. My small cheap room. I am thankful for it, don't get me wrong. I will save so much by living here. But ... a room. SO I have decided to pull my procrastinating mood out of the gutter and onto higher, happier ground.
It is important that I continue to remind myself of three very important things.

1. I'll be able to start paying off school loans and other bills Quick!
2. This is a temporary situation to save money
3. The money being saved is important, and key in getting me to the next step.

This got me thinking... what will my next step be, and even more, what do I want for myself in the next five years? I know.. WAH big question. So instead of posting those answers that were more meant for me and my personal self growth...(which I'll admit didn't occur to me until I had already thought about 1-5 below lol) I am blogging about those that are happy little land marks to achieve in the next five.

1. Go on a trip to Greece and Ireland to kiss the Blarney Stone.

2. Find the most wonderful, and dependable shoes a girl could ask for.
3. Move to New York.

Ok so I might not live near central park.. it might be more like Brooklyn, But either way I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed for a brown stone.
4. Cover my New York walls in my post card art
5. Find a fellow to start a whole other list of "I wish"
With any luck he'll carry my lemons and tomatoes home...


what are you wishing for?


  1. Aww... well, I am waiting for a few things in life. Perhaps a child and stability. But I love life so much right now that I'd feel bad asking for more. But your list sounds absolutely fantastic and completely doable. I hope you acheive each one- especially the fellow one. He's gonna be a cutie!

  2. I love your list and your way with words, I love your photo from Girls Night In... or perhaps that was a different post.. anyway but most of all **I LOVE YOU!**