Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Shmiday

Tonight is Girls Night In at my sisters place and I've been pumping myself up for the event all day. Today is hot. And not in any kind of fun hop in the pool kind of way.. but more so in the lay down on cool tile to nap kinda way. So I'm a smidgen moody. I planned to partake in the Confession Friday posts on the adorable Lulu's page this week, but alas I didn't do college the typical way. Not to say I don't have plenty to confess.

Tonight I've decided to contribute an idea to the party. It's DIY photo booth time! A sheet will be picked out, words will be ironed on, boas will be flirted with, and hats will be worn. Pictures to follow next week!

While looking for inspiration for this project I ran across a themed engament photo session that I quite literally fell for on this site. I am loving themed parties these days, and with a birthday around the corner I'm not sure what theme its calling for.. ideas? Below are my favorites from the collection:

i love this dress! the ice cream, the truck.

Top left picture, she looks soo much like Rachel McAdams don't you think?

"If your a bird I'm a bird". If I liked birds more this would be the perfect quote.

*sigh* adorable.

Enjoy the weekend ladies!


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog and I LOVE THAT PHOTO in your header--"Candy Cigarette" by Sally Mann. She's my very favorite photographer--I love all her work, especially the family stuff. Incredible!

  2. hahaha that would be the perfect quote if you liked birds. maybe birds would be better if they were cute and cuddley...
    i love these photos! i actually thought that girl was rachel mcadams.

  3. So perfect! Totally captures the spirit of the movie. Beautiful photos for sure!