Monday, August 16, 2010

The most random of Mondays

Let me just say I am a rambler extraordinaire! No, really... I am. I can go off topic like you wouldn't believe! Tangents, long involved stories, estranged and irrelevant references. Entertaining, sure. Productive, not so much. but this is just the stuff that makes it out of my head and into the world to pass off as conversation on Mondays such as this. The kind of Monday that now matter how hard I try to focus my mind, it just blurs from random thought to random memories.
As a treat I've decided to let you in to such madness... here is a collection of my random thoughts for this particularly blurry Monday:

Wish List items for the summer/fall months
Dress from Mod Cloth, Coat and dress below VS

Can picture a night out on the town in this dress, and jacket both VS. Will I be in a Betty Boop pose all night to make it cute... probably not.

These pictures are so beautiful! I love her simple make up and I love dark lips!! They perk up any 'ol Monday. Can't wait to be back in love.

These pictures from Style Me Pretty are inspiration for my new room. Love the light color and girlie and beach feel of the movement in the pictures.

Flashing back to Now and Then with a friend today, which then led me to ponder on how hot I thought Casper was, another Ricci fav.

Top Five best parts, and lines in Now and Then decided upon by yours truly and my bestie:
*Bonus moment : Roberta kisses cute boy next door, and stops taping her boobs down. Good for your Roberta!
5."Ah Sugar" playing while a gaggle of girls ride their bikes full steam ahead down the road
4. Chrissy in opening credits prego and rockin' the baby bump while she sings along to "I'll be there". "Just look over your shoulder hunny, OOOO!"
3.The nutty grandma vacuuming under the girls feet while fixing her "bingo wig" and they finish their lemonade
2.Sam knocking out the trash talking kid on the baseball field
1. "Bug?" "No Budd. B. B.U.D.D." "Well Budd, You have some food stuck in your teeth"



  1. I love your Fall clothes and I love Now and Then. Such a great movie.

  2. I am loving the VS cream coat- I could never keep the sleeves clean though.

    Nice to meet you!