Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DIY Weekend

These are some pictures from my recent trek across the desert to see my cousins and Grandpa.

Even though I prefer the ocean, woods, or a good city sky line, the desert can be pretty!

Beers poolside with my gramps. I think each of us grandchildren have one as soon as we are old enough ;)

I realize pictures of old men aren't as lovable to those who don't know them. But Rex (left) is about 92, adorable, mean, and looks a little like a bird, yes?!

My wonderful cousins. How I love them so. We felt a little like we were taking prom pictures before I hit the road lol. That's what happens when you haven't seen them in a few years, "Ok, now one with me in the middle!"


PHOTO BOOTH! Ok a slightly crazy version of myself arrived fashionably late for my sisters party on Friday night. "Audrey" and I, along with "Underwood" fashioned a back drop for the entry way. And although not all the girls were ready for their close up, my ladies and I hammed it up (sorry Audrey, I said Ham)
You can't see our "Girls Night" writing in this picture.. but there was also a cream colored bow ;)
For many years my family chose a family members' name out of a hat and wrote a letter to them, and created a way to present it to them for Christmas. We got pretty out of control for something that was created to save money. Quilts, videos, tapestry, treasure chests were all made by my crafty family each year.

Ideas still come and go even though we no longer do that for Christmas. In fact we have taken more of the "Aren't we all a little too old to be sending gifts for Christmas?", or the "I flew out here to see you, that is your gift" approach to Christmas. Which is more then fine. But for birthdays, what we call "non gifts" are still welcomed on this day.
 Example: my mothers birthday was this past week. A complex lady with many hidden talents and interests makes it both fun and varied when making her something. My sister traded in many of her books in exchange for a gift card to one of our favorite places to shop called Changing Hands. Along with several pretty, smell good things. I decided to create sort of an inspirational piggy bank. That's the only way I can explain it.

Here are my thoughts to arrive at this idea via my iPhone pictures. (MAN I love my iPhone!)

Walking around Fabric stores and down rows upon rows of ribbon at Michael's.
I bought a small piece of fabric and cut a slit in the middle, and textured the sides of it. This piece went over the top of a smooth jar to serve as the opening to put money in :) I sewed the slit with green matching thread to make sure the slit wouldn't get larger as time goes by.
I bought this ribbon to tie in a bow around the neck of the jar along with little cream colored tags to write my "Happy Birthday" messages on. I also sewed on  little charms.
With millions of magazine cut outs of images I knew she liked, beaches, Africa, Ireland ect. I made a lay out first...
Since the "Piggy Bank" is to serve as her Travel Savings, I also decoupaged on coins from around the world (why do I have coins from other countries laying around... no idea) as well as some pretty cobalt blue glass beads.
Starting layer by layer I put the images in place, and layered on the coins and glass pieces. I don't have a picture of the finished product.. "whats that all about?" I know. I can sneak one in the next time I'm over there.

also, this is my helper... awe isn't she sweet!

Ok officially longest post EVER. But so much to get caught up on. Pheww.

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  1. I love your gift for her, I want to see the final picture posted to your blog so that I can show work peps.. bravo to your idea and for your creative post (ps) I found the "GNI" photo, love the blogs, keep them coming..