Monday, August 30, 2010

Carried Away

I must apologies to my neighbors for this weekend. I was blasting Carrie Underwood's song Undo It on repeat for about... an hour? Maybe even two. Sorry peeps I love that song! I needed motivation seeing as how my being on my own was once more looking me in the face as I set out to paint my dresser this weekend.

The dresser was painted pink. Very very pink when it was given to me. I painted some of it white to try and take it down a few pegs. And bought knobs for it. But none of it ever looked right, or matched well.

I have an end table that is a dark teal, so in hopes of some what matching that color I bought two mini paints. Taped down plastic on my balcony in rather windy conditions. Then dragged, pulled and hoisted the dresser outside by myself to paint :) Then I painted the framing on a mirror I had.. then a door for the dresser, next i plan to paint my other end table that is a little old. I was soon painting everything in sight!

I plan to go to Anthropology and pick out some new fresh knobs that match and will look good against the new teal :)

The news I am currently wrapping my head around is my best friend no longer being at work with me each day. This is a major bummer for me, but is soo good for her! I've been chatting and picturing her new day to day schedule and sighing with jealousy ;) I can't help but think that soon she and I will be in the Big Apple and will be able to stroll in the park in the afternoon catching up, shopping (window shopping for me I'm sure) and checking out the farmers markets.

(PS whats the deal with Gossip Girl Season 3release being pushed back.. this is not ok!)

-Mighty Burns wishes clicking her ruby shoes was enough to get her there


  1. Love the painting! And Anthropologie does have the best knobs. I can't wait to see which ones you pick out!

  2. Girl I would have been right there with you jamming Carrie. xo