Friday, June 10, 2011

"You are Most Curious Girl.."

Today on Yahoo.Com my eye was caught by this awesome picture
I know right?! BEAUTIFUL!

I thought where is this beautiful beautiful place??


Stunning isn't it?

When I learned it was Croatia I started thinking about the only Croatian person I have met...
My dear friends I do not know his name. I've never been a "one night stand" kinda gal, but one night I was convinced that this was something I needed to experience {???} He was gorgeous! But his room was filled with crests..flags... non of it I recognized.
"What is that?"
"What does that say?"
"Why did you hang that there?"
"Whats that for?"
"Who is in that picture with the old man?"
"No... no I have no idea where that is.. yes public schools.. America huh.. go figure. We are all very dumb? That's nice."
Admittedly I wasn't helping the Americans win any awards that night with my geography lesson, I have yes since looked it up to find out more.. thanks a ton... guy.
He finally answered me with this one line:
"You are most curious girl I have ever met.... what to do. What to do with the pouty curious girl.."
It felt very Carrie circa Alexander P "You are comic yes?"
We ended up cuddling that night.. no hanky panky.. his choice not mine.
awwww Croatia.. how I have such fond and mixed feelings for you. but the water fall thing is REALLY helping your case!

This picture {From StyleMePretty} kinda cracks me up. Now I realize they did a "Mad Men" theme, but everyone in the shot is so relaxed and happy. Smiles all around... wait? NOT All around there is one very sultry maid in the back hanging on the limb there, and making mad eyes at the camera LOL Love it! Way to stay in character yo.
See Mad men below. I think it is a really cute idea. I LOVE all the girls hair!! this is more so what I wanted for the last wedding i was in. It was a swing and a miss, but she tried her best
Love it! Love Purple!

Let there be... glares? Everyone at this NYC wedding looks gloom man. Not one happy face in the joint!!

Pretty bulbs though yeah!

Well peeps Last night I stayed up till the wee hour of one am packing A TON into my car for this road trip I am about to embark on.

The final totally is this:
1 large over sized luggage bag
1 regular sized (by airport standards not mine lol) luggage
3 tote bags
2 purses
1 sleeping bag
2 blankets
1 pillow
1 large beach hat
1 beach chair
2 towels
and a partridge in a pear tree

It will be a snug ride into San Marcos tonight! But how in blazes do you pack light for a 14day vacation where you will on a warm beach, camping on a cold beach, and be in a wedding.. you do that and I bow down to you sister! because I packed it ALL.

While clicking my morning away on weheartit for roadtrip images, I also found this chair..
and me likie!


I'm not toooooo sold on #4. But it could be done. For sure #2 and without a doubt #6 and #7. We all know number one was a fail.

Also doesn't this look like fun?? Any beach campers out there loving the idea of one large hammock tree fort?? I am loving the idea! Except I would want to add little lanterns in the trees... maybe an old barrel or two to hold my "things" and some cozy sweater to wrap myself up in.. mmmmm beach camping is the BEST!

Tata Ladies have a wonderful Friday Night, and weekend. You shall get updates as soon as I land in Chico or Orland on Monday!!


  1. That lake looks like HEAVEN, and that Mad Men wedding is just adorable! Sign me up for one just like it, but make that purple red, would ya?

    Have a WONDERFUL trip, and enjoy a little time away, darling!

    xxox, Lena

  2. croatia looks stunning! want to go!

  3. This post is filled with so much goodness I don't even know where to start. Love the Mad Men themed wedding, but I love your story about the Croatian guy even more. So cute and funny. And honestly, with scenery like that, how could you not want to visit.

    Enjoy your trip!!

  4. Awesome wedding! And that is one hilarious Croatian story!