Friday, June 24, 2011

I'mmmmm BACK!

Its true what they say... if you find yourself driving alone, you find yourself talking to yourself.

Ok so no one "says" that, but I now fully back it up!

I left AZ one HOT and STICKY Friday after work and headed out of dodge. The mountains between Az and San Diego were windy and foggy. I arrived at my Aunt Marts house around 1am only to discover I had totally spaced on what her house number is.. they all look so similar anyways and now I have to try and figure it out in the dark?? with tired eyes?? lol no thank you. I risked it and pulled into a driveway and was soooo relieved when her happy little self came into sight.
She and my Uncle Phil (who reintroduced himself..yet again.. folks this is the 4th time I have "met" him lol he never recalls though) they had stayed up waiting for me and it was apparently quite the event! They are adorable and I am so lucky to have suck funny loving people at the other end of a long road trip.

At the crack of dawn (otherwise known to me at 8:30am) and started my 10 hour drive up the state to meet my momma dearest just south of Fort Bragg

Beware: I have not edited any of these pictures. Some at from my phone like the one above, and others from my camera. There are plenty of red eyes, splotchy no make up faced,  crazy hair shots ahead..

The drive was bland.. and very...  highway ish until I reached the Northern Cali leg of the trip. The Napa area was ummm STUNNING! I love this drive more than words...

I kept thinking, "Man Katie {Underwood} would really love this right now"
Unfortunately though, she couldn't take that much time away from work since she is kicking major ass and all {woot woot!!}
SO text pics would have to do
The wine valley slowly turned into the redwoods and the redwoods faded to the backdrop of the misty coast and beaches..

My favorite I think 

My Aunt Marys place is filled with wonderful details like an elephant wind chime and whimsical pictures with wonderfully unique frames 

So now you have been filled in with a glimpse of my travels from Friday to Saturday
Tomorrow or later today I'll fill you in on the next few days that followed



  1. Glad you're back, and sharing such gorgeous photos! It sounds like an amazing trip so far!

    xox, Lena

  2. You're back! I missed you Burns-y! Can't wait to hear more about the trip of epicness.