Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little houses made of ticky tacky

Soooo I have sorta kinda, most defiantly been eating large amounts of ice cream Drumsticks {it's 115 degrees here} and watching episode after episode of Weeds. I could count all the ways I love Weeds, but I fear that would be fun for no one but me. So I shant.

lol truthfact!

also I tried. I tried to stay away peeps. but the JGL just keeps poping into my top five people I'm going to need to meet...

so I am feeling a little sluggish with the trip story telling. so here is how today and Thursday {last of the vacay posts} shall go. Picture picture picture, and explaining any funny business thrown in the mix :)
Downtown books store. i really really love the smell of these books. or maybe its just the dust collecting on them. i was sneezing a LOT... either way  i may have defiantly been caught sniffing a few.. oops! you only live once right?

aww yes the mirror shot. this was taken at the bridal luncheon where we were introduced/reunited with the other girls in the bridal party. of all. of. them. dolls! absolute sweetest girls!

oh yeah! I went wandering around as I do and found some lovely hanker chiefs, link change purses and these beautiful earrings that I ended up buying because they fit right into the vintage costume jewelery that my great great grandmother had {and is now kept in a pretty frilly jewelry box of my mothers}

mmm this is a shot from upstairs of the store LuLus that is all big now on the internet. It grew up right there in Chicos downtown. There is still a store there that is essentially still the same thing and merchandise, but it's called something else. whatev.

ok world meet the MOH2 {yep both sisters played the role of MOH} She has grown up to be quiet the little woman. Confidence for days, jokster, and adoring younger sister. She was a freaking blast to be around the entire time and gave a BEAUTIFUL speech on the big day. As one little sister who looks up to MY own big sisters I knew just what she was talking about, and could relate to so many of the beautiful things she said.

White Ranch

Today feels like a trick. there are clouds out, and I can see the leaves flowing in a breeze, but when you go outside it feels like a hairblower is set on low, and I am not sure you can count that as a breeze. yuck.

I am slowly starting to plan a Fourth Of July cake for a friend.. what to do WHAT TO DO!

also there is a girl at work that is like... OHHHHH MAN annoying. she laughs at EVERYthing that I say. Surly I am not funny 100% of the time common now.
And then I think.. what kind of mean biotch am I that I am annoyed by someone who laughs and giggles at things I say..???

time to be grateful and take another glance at the beautiful photos from my trip and relax again :)


  1. First, Heck yeah to Weeds! The early seasons still crack me up, although I'm not the biggest fan of the more recent episodes...

    Second, you look absolutely GORGEOUS in these photos, and those are two beautiful maids of honor! Glad the trip was such a complete success!

  2. Love those earrings. And Andrew Drew.

  3. I love WEEDS.. "little houses made of ticky tacks".. is forever stuck in my head and makes me smile when I think of that song.. love the brother in law.. the family unit.. closer because of the tragic loss of there father. Amazing.. can't wait to see what season 7 has to offer.. I for one.. loved that Nancy "Hoed" it up.. she had a "hoe a thon" he he.. I could live vicariously through someone, and she was hoe-ing it up with gangsters..