Friday, June 11, 2010


A Few days ago I found myself with time to kill! This almost never happens, as I am usually spinning in motion trying to get from work to clinic to..wherever on time (which also almost never happens). But this day client cancelled on me and I had the afternoon to go home..or not! Excited with my "free time" I admittedly ran some rather boring errands. On my way to fill my power card I stumbled upon a book sale!

I have never really enjoyed reading. I have always much rather being outside, listening to music or taking in a movie. When I was a child I had my favorites, but as a young adult I just couldn't see why people read for their own entertainment. When I moved out on my very own (just me, my cat and dog, and three pots too many) I decided on an "Adult Movement" if you will, where I would read for pleasure and no longer leave dishes out, or the lights on when I slept. Regrettably the dishes remain on the side of the sink.. never in? Anyways, I did however start to read more. I began with mainly short fluffy novels and haven't moved on since (included the entire Twilight Sage... (cough) twice!)

And so in my seek for more adult material I rummaged through the $1.00-$3.00 books. Clearly these had to be donated for the cause, which was to raise awareness about Prostate Cancer. And since I only paid $1.00 for my slightly risky-yet funny book called "Going Down: a New Yorkers Tale". Here is more information if you so care to indulge.

Here is a count down of my top 5 favorite titles strewn about the display:

5. "Can You Say Potty?"

-who me?

4. "Greet and Cheat"

-I can only guess lol

3. "Peter Pan: The Untold Story"


2. "Vegan. Virgin. Valentine."

-wow lol I did almost get this one for the title alone

1. "Bachelors and Babies"

-This you had to see the cover of to really appreciate the title. It was a mustache clad cowboy with a baby strapped to his chest. But while looking for a picture of it on Amazon to share I found this on instead:
Say it with me... WTF?

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