Wednesday, June 9, 2010

If I Were A Rich Girl

I love all these items from Anthropolpgie. In my mind I have a much more chic life where I spend time on canoes being rowed by Frenchmen and whimsical music playing over head... which is a stark difference to the faded wrinkled blue scrubs I wear and played out play mix of Taylor Swift and Doughtry my work plays over head.. p.s. not a Frenchmen in sight!

I have never been able to get on board with the over the shoulder bag until recently. Now I see them everywhere I go and want to make it my next big purse purchase. These two are runners up, what do you think?

Awe rings! How I love the. I have a Gemini spirit when it comes to rings. I tend to either go very loud colorful and big like the one on the left. Or I will find a small simple and delicate ring like the one on the right. The last one isn't a ring, its a "collar necklace" and I really like it! I want to find more!

Carry has Manolos, Dorthy had red slippers, this summer I want these! I love the flowered lace on the black ones, and the little yellow flower bursts on the second. The third pair is an obvious pick for me since I am attracted to all things that sparkle.

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