Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Up in the Air

Its been a week or two since my trip to Texas and I am finally ready/have the time to write about it. Normally I try and not write about my family member or friends directly but in this case I'm still bursting with all my proud sister feelings to not. On Sunday June 6th my brother took his first promises and became "Brother Peter" in the Catholic Church under Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity order.
On Saturday I woke up buzzing with preflight jitters like I always have when I travel. I started to bustle around the apartment to finish packing my morning supplies of tooth brush, paste, and lotions ect. I spent most of my time sleep on the planes and snacking on over priced plane cookies ($3.50 for a cookie?)
When I landed I was greeted by two cars full of my favorite people in this world! I threw/dropped my bag and all but tackled my brother with excitement and gained the watchful eye of the security men at the same time. Once all the "I love you!"s and, "Hi, how are ya"s had been passed around, we headed to the beach! I love the ocean so much so that when I was little I thought I was in sync to the point that I could control the waves (true story).
The weekend was was beautiful and perfect. A few minor... annoyances shall we say I believe the sentence "He is like one of these Texas misquotes, I just want to swat him away" was whispered more then once.
To see my brother make such an important step in his life, and to see him beam and burst with joy was worth any amount of jet lag, and made me so proud of him. The order he chose is pretty modern and the people we met were beyond gracious and friendly. There were many emotions floating around that weekend, but mostly everyone was just... happy.
I love the family gatherings because there is more then enough of us to be able to break away in small groups and have a chance to take long walks to story tell and catch up. I cherish each and every mosquito bite I got on those walks because I had some heart warming, tearful, and hilarious times with my people.

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