Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years Greetings!

As a gift to myself in the new year, I figured out how to add photos again to Blogger! YAY

I know, I know, Christmas is over. And with all the stores having jingle bells on repeat and all, I'm sure you want to push Christmas, and all things red and green in a box and give it a hardy shove to the back of the closet. 
So hang in there for just a few few photos :)

This year for Christmas some new girl friends and I went to New Port, Rhode Island.
{and fudge was at the very TOP of our to-do and to-eat list}

 Mamba Kitty missed me! And when I got back she pretty much lived in my lap..and still does :)
(what wonderful color is that on your back wall?  >you ask?   Why thats "Jamaican Bay"...psssst newly panted ;)
This shot is actually a little older. Its from my second day here in NYC. I went to the top of the Empire State Building. The view is like nothing I have ever seen! It is beautiful. Just breath taking to see so far in so many directions!

Ah yes.. back to New Port shots!
 Have you been to New Port? It is one of THE most beautiful beach towns I have been to. (sorry Cali) But this small and beautiful island is full of history, charming cottages, gorgeous mansions, moody oceans, and cobble stone streets. Plus the Kennedys would summer here...soooo whats good enough for Jackie....

30 Rock man
(can't help but sing the 30Rock tv show tune when I pass by here
"mmmmmmmmmm POW! Boodoop powowouw!")

 The St. Paul's Chapel (245 yrs old) that just wont go down! This church has an impressive history! Right now it is known for when the twin towers fell in NYC, this church should have been crushed. But not a brick was harmed that day. In the weeks to follow the fall, rescue workers used the church as a retreat to rest up, eat, and find hope.
This is where I work everybody!
 Agave in the village as it geared up for New Years celebration. 
(no pictures are available ON purpose from this night ;)
{momma didn't raise no fool}

Our apartment windows trimmed in their holiday best!
 This is before E's family arrived... all eleven of them... yeah lets all take a moment to let that truly sink in.... 11 for 11 days. Talk about being the Host with the most!

When we went to NewPort, RI we were upgraded in our room! We stayed in an awesome room literally ON the water, and in the mornings we woke up and looked out the window to see this sight... perfect am I right?!

LOL These photos are terriably unorganized. Ahhh well...
SO this is from just the other day when the weather took a winter dip into the 20's. Pretty high actually for this time of year here. Back in Az I hear they had a sunny Christmas with temps in the 70's!!! 
{Hat . Forever 21}
{Face . MaryKate and or Ashley}
{Scarf . ZARA aka my new fav store}
{Coat . Victorias Secret}

The Museum of Natural History just might be my favorit place in all of New York. That might seem a little weird to you.. but then.. maybe you haven't ever been in the lobby..
 This guy greets you when you first walk in and I could have just stayed there all day to be honest! The museum is giant, with entire WINGS of this grand building dedicated to every wonder of this world.. space, dinosaurs, human life, nature, ocean life, jungle life, ect ect ect.
 Needly to say I bought myself and nephew matching dino time line shirts. It had to be done. Also I have already worn it and been given the thumbs up by approving subway riders.

outside of one of the smaller gates to a 1890s Vanderbilt Mansion on the ocean called The Breakers.
I deeply encourage you to take a peek at this site that highlights this home and several others... I wish we could have toured them all

Spanish Snow man outside Agave windows 

The tree at 30Rock!

One of the sprawling lawns at The Breakers. We may or may not have done massive cart wheels on the lawn, and ran around with our arms out stretched singing Sound of Music songs and giggling at cute boys... 

So thats it!
 Now your all caught up! HAHA Not even close. But I AM trying :)
Im currently fighting off a cold and have been held up on the sofa watching "Secret Circle" and "Revenge" episodes online and eating left over spaghetti. 
I have become oddly obsessed with going to Monte Carlo. No I don't think I am Grace Kelly, or as lucky in love. But after speaking to my new dear friend Oliver (who has lived there, and well.. everywhere!) it sounds too glamorous to pass up! Parties dresses jewels water front hotel rooms beaches year round 78 sunny weather shoes art shows.... who wants to come with me!
I have also become more open to working on a cruise ship as a massage therapist some time soon. Thoughts? The conditions are crap. lets face it. they can dress it up any way they want to online, but there isnt a line out there where you dont share a small closet sized cabin with multiple people, work 12hr days + and get next to nothing days off.. like ohhhh 1 day!
 But you get paid crazy well for it. and you DO get to travel for free. Most of them pay for your plane ticket there and back, and your living expenses ie room and board, food ect is paid for while on the ship.
But that would mean possibly 6 months away from my new home and adorable kitty cat...hmmmm

OH! And out COURSE my New Years Resolution.. do ya'll have one? Lets hear it!!

Mine is the tired and true "get fit/lose weight" and on day six and having just finished off the last of the marsh mellows I can say that NOW Im ready to REALLY start ;)
Better luck to you all!!


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  2. things that jumped out at me: that gorgous sunrise/sunset on the water, your cute goldish yellow hat, and the fudge/chocolate. can't ever get chocolate past me!

  3. so pretty :-) we could follow each other on fb and google if you want to !<3

  4. So glad to get caught up! I had no idea you were in Newport for Christmas; we were in Providence! And can you believe one of my best girlfriends Quill actually did her thesis (in Decorative Arts) on the Breakers? She was there all the time, and I was terribly jealous! Can't wait to hear much, much more about your New York life (it looks pretty divine)! Happy New Year!


  5. My favorite things are.. lime green matching dionsaur shirts for you and nephew, summer salts on great big lawn, view in the morning, pictures of your happy places and YOU! XXOO

  6. Oh that's sister sue.. above.. he he