Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bad Blogger

Since i have moved to the big city I have been a terrable blogger. Saddly, and funny enough this is due in part to the fact that I no longer have a borring desk job to which I could scroll and click away on the key board till my hearts content. It isn't as easy to read up on everyone on here I love so dearly on my phone while I seat people and take drink orders.
But still, I am sure I could make better use of my time (aka sleeping) and start to get back into the swing of things and do things I enjoy. Like blogging, reading, and being outside.

E and I had our Christmas Tree Lighting Party last night and it was a total success! People came, ate, drank danced, laughed and sang...sure it was along to Glee when the show came on.. but hey it was early...and they are all actors and singers! They can't resist the Glee.

I was so impressed by the ornaments that people made and brought with them. Some where sweet and crafty like a figurine painted gold, or a small jello mold, one person dehydrated orange slices and glazed them to look like glass! Another a small piece of a statue from a church that had been torn down in Brooklyn, others bought theirs and those are just as lovely too!

Oddly the topic of blogging did come up. I believe it was the phrase "Who blogs? I mean No One cares people, stop blogging!" that made me thin twice before I timidly confessed to this here blog. But you know something? I think people just don't now what the hell it is! And true to human natural, it weirds them out because of that. When I did tell them I had a blog (or one that I was rather neglecting) they flung questions at me I am now used to answering. "Who reads it?""what do you write about?" "So you dont actually KNOW these people?".
I smiled and told them I know all of you, and maybe some even better then people who see you on a day to day basis. Here you can be open and free. And I love that.

I am going to work on a post about the different mindset of New Yorkers. Its really very funny at times, enlightening and frightening too.

: There are people who just don't care.. and there are those who really just don't give a fuck. And the man whom I saw peeing between cars on 8th today at 3pm in the afternoon fell into that category. And a good afternoon to you too sir.

I hope you are well,
 and I hope you are still out there :)


  1. I'm so glad I don't have to feel silly when I say I miss you! It's true, I feel closer to some bloggers than I do old friends; we catch up all the time, instead of with the occasional letter, and they always know what's up with me. I can't wait to read your insights into New Yorkers-people always tease me that SF has made me more relaxed!


  2. Ha Ha, I had that thought the other day, "I bet she doesn't blog because she's busy working double shifts" regardless, I look forward to your bloggs, but as a newbie blogger, I know its hard to "set the time aside to blog your thoughts".. cheers to your tree decorating party, it sounds like it was a blast, I had fun talking to you on the phone last Friday night.. WHOOP WHOOP.. LOL.. love your sister sue!

  3. Well, I'm so happy you are busy and loving life out there. Too busy to blog? No apologies needed!