Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow on my nose and eye lashes

Do you guys know who Jessie J is? Apparently she is a song writer from the UK and released an album...mmmmaybe two. These songs are ones she wrote that didn't get picked up. You can almost hear who she had intended it for, and it turns out that HEY that girl can freaking BELT! 
who she has written for:
"Despite being hailed as 'the best singer in the world' by Timberlake, Jessie credits her career so far to her fine blagging skills."
Willow Smith
Chris Brown

Here is her video for "Who You Are". I think it is so beautiful..
She also has a new single out called "Do It Like A Dude" that I really love. Here she is at the Brit Awards singing it acoustic.. I like the dance version too, but at 3:00  in the video its my favorite lol. She reminds me of Nikki Minaj the way they both take on this different funky style or personality when they sing.


Alright so enough of that. It started to snow the other night as I was walking to the subway from work in the west village. I was SO excited I literally started to skip down the street in the snow that was collecting in little white patches. The only non Christmas song I could think of with snow in it is that "Sound of Music" lyrics "snow on my nose and eye lashes.." And they really do fall down onto your eye lashes! I would blink the little pearls of snow away down onto my cheeks..I was beaming!

This is just outside my front doors...see it??? Yeah I know.... it is very light..but it counts!
Also you know its my brownstone because of the Halls wrapper on the ground..oops!

Today I decided to head out and hit up some parks I've been wanting to go to. I went all the way down to my usual stop (West 4th) and strolled on over to the beautiful Washington Park.
The Monument there, the Arch is just beautiful..and GIANT! My goodness I sat there for three songs worth while I took it all in. Its a green park with pine trees, lawns and plenty of squirrels rushing about trying to recall where they hide their nuts.

The grand NYU surround the park, along with some brown stones that were so old, yet refined looking I'm sure that Washington himself must have lived in one of them.

Union Square is pretty, lots of dogs running and playing together.. basically being adorable and making me miss little Marley (the poodle/mix that I owned for a few years, then gave over to the loving and capable hands of my sister sue).
But my Favorite part of Union Square was the Farmers Market that I happened upon! I bought some fresh Organic and local honey, hot fresh apple cider, and a single daisy (which I ended up giving to a cute little kid on my walk up to Madison Square Park)

 Just as you come up to Madison from the south east end, you come across the the Shake Shack. I have read about this place and their amazeballs burgers and shakes. I ordered the mushroom burger of course (their only veg option) and packed it away safely. No way was I about to eat that there outside. But it was very pretty with light strung up above out over the cute little park chairs and cafe tables. It was just TOO cold for that! But still I bookmark it in my mind for when my brothers come to town. (All the time I do this. I see a place and snap a photo of the cross streets to I'll be able to find my way back for when someone is in town. I have places all over the city just perfect for certain friends and family ;)

I trekked further north in search of the New York Open Center. I hoped that it would see Hemp Seed Oil which I prefer to use in my massage. On my way I happily stumbled upon a Crumbs bakery. E told me about these little bakeries all over the city. "THEY are the best!" he raves. So I stopped in. What else goes more prefect with a mushroom burger than a cupcake am i right?

(One thing I love about this city is all of the wonderful, stop you in your tracks architecture around you ALL of the time. No matter where you are, what part of the city.. it is so grand and lovely to look up and see what has been built and put there for us to marvel at. Brick my brick someone made this, and I love that I get to see it while on my way here or there.)

 Before I forget: these are my favorite shots of the Washington Park. The Arch frames the Empire State Building behind it several blocks north of the park. Isn't it beautiful!? The details are dizzying when you get closer :)
Ok so back to the baked goods :)
These folks aren't messing around! They have giant cupcakes, cakes, and many other treats.. I stood there... happy...warm..hungry..and with more then enough cash in my pocket.
I will be back for more. Oh so much more! Is there a Crumbs near you?

I have a serious yet odd question.  Can Buildings have brick envy? Because all day long I noticed that if one building was tall...the one RIGHT next to it was taller. A small voice san out from somewhere high above, "Anything you can do I can do better.." take a look:

Thats all she wrote my dears. Is it still chilly winter weather where you are or are things warming up? Treat yourself to any yummy home made or otherwise acquired goodies? Or are we doing better then myself on the whole New Year Resolution thing? 



  1. I absolutely LOVE how much you adore New York–your excitement is infectious! Glad you got to experience your first snow, but here's hoping it doesn't get too bad this year!

  2. I haven't stopped by in soo long! It's awesome to see all these wonderful NYC photos. Hope you are well!