Thursday, January 12, 2012

When, "I am so sorry!" doesn't cut it...

...I thought saying your sorry when you truly mean it fixes everything.. or at the very least helps to mend what went wrong. But There just ins't anything to say to make sitting in someone lap on the subway ok There just isn't. Regrettably I was the one doing the sitting on this afternoon. It was an accident people! lol.

Lets back up....

Last wednesday I noticed I didn't feel all too well.. then on Friday night while hosting at work we were packed! And therefore I had to yell with my sad sore throat... and by the end of the night I had lost my voice. E told me that my laughter sounded more like an old truck trying to start... lol. sad.
So for the past few days I have tried nothing but meds, tea, hot baths, and rest. Until today....

Today I decided to go pick up my two books waiting for me at the Mid Town Library!
1. Harry Potter of course
2. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
 I have already started Hunger Games which makes this a total of three intense books I will attempt to read back to back to back :)

Once the books were in my hot little hand I decided to take a misty stroll through central park to find the Belvedere Castle  
At the 5th and Bryant Park Subway station. I love all the title artwork in the subways. They are all a little different but so pretty.

Oi. Statue in the park looked a little grim.. much too....Lord Of the Rings for me with the over cast sky and misty dark weather

Love Seat out front of the Castle

Thru the doors...

From the top layer there are little steps to stand on and see far off into the distance

I love that while walking along Park Ave and 79th street there is a sweet smell of pine in the air from the recycled Christmas trees in the planters. This is true for all over the city.

Park ave still twinkling with lights :)
the sights went perfectly with my play list of jazzy blues songs from BB King, Muddy waters, to Etta James as I walked hot tea in hand to the Castle ....

Rockin my Puma pants and rain boots.. not only do I sound sick..I look it lol.

red roses left behind on the bridge near the castle entrance...

see what I mean about the tile work in the subways? lol I cant seem to get enough. This is at the Museum of Natural History exit of course...

View of the Upper East side  and pond from the Castle

When you're me, where there is foliage / there is a secret garden.

I love this view of the city buildings over tall trees and lawns.

Messages of love in the fog

And so after my trek through the park along 79th finally finding the Belvedere Castle, I headed down into the subway. When the B train came my way shrieking to a sudden and violent stop I thought to myself , "greeaaaaat one of these trains!" I hate the trains that are loud and jolt when they start or stop. Its just so....jolting! I sat with my bulging purse that now housed my books, between two very large and unwavering woman. I held fast and when the seats opposite me became more roomie then my current situation I decided to dash across the row and sit next to two other girls who were more of the "personal bubble" respect then these woman beside me were.. my switch was so fast, but just as my bootiliciousness was about to seat itself, the train lurched forward and loosing my footing and grip on the bar, sat my "hefty lefty" in her unsuspecting lap!
 I opened my mouth to say I am SO SORRY! But instead of sounding sincere, I sounded more like a tranny with a smoking problem. I had no way to explain to the poor girl that this was the first time i spoke words in two days! besides would that make you feel better? Not me.. "I sat in your lap so sorry..oh dont mind my voice Im just deathly ill!" lol. So I decide instead to take the hit and just lower my head back down into my Harry Potter book.

Geez. Thank goodness I am home again. Not leaving the house until totally necessary!

Peace, and happy safe travels to you all!!!
Oh and ps, i JUMPED up out of her lap and sat back down a good safe "sorry, I will not touch you ever again in anyway" distance away from her ;)

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  1. This is too funny! I hope you're feeling better, darling!