Friday, July 16, 2010

To Mexico I Go

Friends of mine and I went to Mexico for five days and four nights! We left in the wee hours of the morning.. ok more like 8am, and made our way across the already 90 degree Arizona desert. We arrived at our resort which was on the seventh floor and beach front, around lunch time. I was the first one in the water. I love the ocean, any ocean.. we all go way back..

I feel so lucky to have gone. Unfortunately, the work week has kicked my butt each day. So I am now looking forward to my long weekend in San Diego this week! I'll be visiting with aunts, cousins, and my wonderful Grandpa. I know another trip to be beach is a must!

I went to Mexico with my beautiful and long time friend, we'll call her "Underwood" ;), my fellow and his friend.. we'll call him..."Wishie-Washy". The four of us literally played and swam in the water for hours. We spent the next few days getting up around 7:30, blasting music thru the condo with the giant slider doors open and eating breakfast on the balcony that over looked the ocean. We would spend about two hours on the beach, then another two hours by the pool. Showers and naps usually around five, then out to dinner and drinks at a local watering hole. We would spend the last few hours of the night back on the balcony, doors open wide, curtains blowing in the breeze, listening to the waves below.

I really loved the mornings here. There is nothing, nothing like opening your eyes and seeing the beautiful blue ocean out in front of you. I love the smell. Not everyone likes the seaweed, and salty water smells. But for me they are so comforting. I have taken many naps on the beach, and have taken comfort many times in listening to the ocean waves.
I grew up the youngest child out of five. One of the things we did together was take walks in the evening after dinner. Long walks were we would break off and group together talking about our days, school crush, or any upsets. I carry this tradition to this day and loved to walk on the beach each night. Sun already set, leaving the sky and water with a purple shadow. I found lots of beautiful shells on these walks!

More pictures of that trip to follow on Monday...

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