Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Silly Girls In Parking Lots

While my dear friend  Audrey  was away I sent her emails everyday. She wrote back one line to me that read: Post this to your blog its funny/sad. :)

Today started off pretty bad seeing as how I got very little sleep because my bleeding leg was sticking to the sheets :( Why was my leg bleeding? Because here in Az...in a land far far away..it was the hottest day so far in the valley. I waited until a "cooler hour" aka 7pm to go and get a few items from Frys. Went into the store in shorts a tank top and flip flops sticky from the heat and looking like something that crawled out of Tempe Town Lake.. Upon leaving the store I joined twenty other customers halted under the Frys entrance as we looked at the parking lot that quickly became a lake before our very eyes. Lightning-thunder-rain-heat. Monsoon season has started! I watched with worried eyebrows as a little old lady crossed the puddle parking lot to her car, shuffling and waving her arms around in her house slippers to her car. Being the happy go lucky gal I am I take two hops and arrive quickly at her aide holding onto her elbow to help her to the car. She smiled and thanked me as we took our time crossing the slippery lot, and when it came time for her to step into the car, wouldn't you know it that she pushed off my arm sending my left foot back bringing me crashing down onto my hands and knees..sliding across hot asphalt. The woman closed her door and drove away while I stayed on the ground kneeling in shock that, yes that really just happened. lol Half laughing and swearing I got up to make sure I had all my grapes still in tact. The crowd that had gathered were both shouting cheers of encouragement, laughs and worry lol.

I felt like a child as I kicked off my shoes picked them and myself up and walked, steadily to my car with blood running down my legs. I was flooded with memories of falling out of trees. Bailing out playing street hockey and being pretty proud of whatever scrapes or scars left behind. I've always enjoyed a good battle scar. But now... sitting in my car listening to the rain fall on my windshield I felt more like a silly little girl then a battle warrior lol.

I sat on my sink and washed off my legs, hands and feet and tried desperately the rest of the night to not get cat hair in my scratch.. I'm gross lol

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