Saturday, December 3, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

The weather is changing here in NYC. For the first time here, my face is cold, my hands are cold, and my ears are cold. I know that "cold" hasn't even started though for the winter.

But with the cold wind also comes the Christmas season! E and I went and bought our tree the other day and trekked it right on home fully equipped with some garland as well.  Our tree is all set up with lights, a star on top and some red berries. We even watched Parenthood (while crying of course) and strung popcorn!! I have never done that before, and it was really fun to do. I made the center piece for our table, and the wreath as well! Of course Mamba and I needed to have some new stockings, so glitter pens were purchased and I went to town :)

E and I plan to have a Christmas Tree lighting party. We are inviting about 15-20 people to come and drink wine, eat treats, play games, and each person is asked to bring a home made ornament to place on the tree before we light it up :) Doesn't that sound like fun?!

I love NYC, and the people I am meeting are great. So friendly, but I still miss my sisters and my friends oh so much. I can't wait until family and friends come so that I can share what I have come to love about the city with them, and find new places as well.

Still can't up load photos (booooo blogger) so when I do there will be a flood of them I am sure!!

OH and I am done painting my room "Jamaican Bay" teal and "frolic" pink. I found a rug at Urban Outtfiters to match the colors and bring in some greens, reds and browns.

Mamba and Toby are actually playing now! They chase each other and run around. But every now and then Toby's claws get the better of poor Mamba and thats when I find her cuddled up in my bed :/ Poor little kitty cat.

OH and the other day I went to Michaels to buy white chocolate peppermint candies, candy molds and Oreo cookies to create a yummie yummie treat!!!

I miss reading Harry Potter, I miss Sister Sundays, and I miss Paradise Bakery cookies :)

Love, B


  1. Not as much as I miss you! Can't wait to visit! <3

  2. I think I should grab your mom and go to NYC!!! I have missed your posts and am glad to see you are back in the swing. Thought of you as I watched the Macy's parade and the events at Rockefeller Center. What an opportunity to experience the sites and sounds. Ear muffs...they work wonders. Amanda and I were headed to coffee this morning, postponed, but we will catch it before Christmas.

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  4. A Christmas tree lighting party? Sounds like NYC is treating you very, very well! Now blogger, get settled so I can see some photos!!

  5. Hi my love, I thought of you on the drive in, so excited to see a post here, I've missed your blogs, your pictures, your ideas.. welcome back.. can't wait to hear about the decorating party, I'm thinking of posting pics to a future blog from my "Holiday Cookie Swap" this weekend. Miss you sister sue...